Affects of childhood trauma

Trauma as a child has developing effects, mentally and physically when growing Into an adult. BACKGROUND: The ma]orally of abused or neglected kids have a harder time building relationships with anybody who is trying to help them. It is proven kids without a healthy attachment are more prone to be vulnerable stress. We all know that stress can lead to a more severe lifestyle. Depression, anxiety and aggressive behavior are all medical problems following stress and traumatic trauma. Healthy development needs a healthy foundation. I am hoping to accomplish more education and a better understanding on this certain topic. With the online library, personal experience and the many other resources available, will be the biggest factor in the development of this research paper. There are a lot of opinion, facts and psychology papers written on this topic so it is going to be important to look for plagiarism. The more credible resources I look into the better the coherence and the less likely of committing plagiarism.
The more aware we are of our behaviors and what our kids take from us, the better he understanding we have about their development. 1 . Some kids take a lot more from parents than others. 2. Some kids are more mentally traumatized to neglect than a lot of others are. 3. Some kids are born more emotionally sensitive than their siblings and friends. If you are an involved member of your community such as a minister, coach or school teacher you are going to deal with others personal situations. 1 .
Understanding the mindfulness behind traumatic emotions the better educated and prepared you are for that certain situation. 2. The more educated you are on the behaviors that follow aromatic experiences the more of an open eye you will have for the situation. 3. Traumatized children are more likely to engage in high risk behaviors including, self- harm and aggression towards others. The education on human behavior and emotional intelligence gives us a better self-awareness for ourselves and others. 1 . The more education we have on our emotions the better explanation we can give ourselves. 2.

Self-awareness will give us a more open eye for the actions and behaviors we see in our kids and others. 3. Understanding the responsibility of our actions and how they have an influence on our kids, plays a major role in the way they perceive life. A lot of childhood trauma come from classmates and not the parents. 2. A lot of children are “spoiled” and act out because there is no discipline. 3. Some kids are just born that way and they will grow out of It “they are not depressed nor do they have anxiety” there Just kids and there are to many parent putting kids on medicine.
Response to counter-arguments: 1. Yes correct, but if you are not aware of the change in your child’s behavior because f what is going on in school, then you cannot correct the problem. 2. There are differences in behaviors when your child is not getting there way compared to you child going through a traumatic experience. 3. That’s why educating yourself is so Important to understanding the differences. Already learned to live with the emotion and start to Just act out. Sometimes medication is what’s needed, Just educate yourself on the medication and get different opinions.

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