Aesthetic Approach to Health Promotion Intervention

Aesthetic Approach to Health Promotion Intervention

Aesthetic influences and shapes both physical and psychological feelings. Art is a process, a way of approaching life as well as an outcome. A clear link between creativity and healing has been documented. Throughout history, people have used pictures, story, dances, and chants as healing rituals. Holistic approaches to health promotion that include an aesthetic intervention help to create and sustain health.

Identify an individual, family, community, or population for a health promotion intervention that could influence healing, disease prevention, health and well-being, physical health, stress reduction, or improve health outcomes.
2. Determine the cultural considerations needed for the health promotion intervention.
3. Design an artistic, creative, and/or aesthetic approach for the health promotion intervention.
4. Discuss the benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of the health promotion intervention.
5. Develop one goal or outcome for the health promotion intervention using the SMART format (specific, measurable, achievable/attainable, relevant/realistic, and timeframe).
6. Identify if the health promotion intervention was effective for the selected individual, family, community, or population.
7. Explain the role of aesthetic knowledge within the nursing profession when developing a health promotion intervention.

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