Advocating for Medicare for those 50 and older

Advocating for Medicare for those 50 and older

Advocating for Medicare for those 50 and older. Medicare-for-all, the “Buy-in” to Medicare for those 50 and older, raising the age for Medicare benefits, and increasing Medicare premiums). Write a 750-word (max) op-ed from the stakeholder group of your choice advocating for or against one of these policy proposals. In your op-ed, be sure to:

  1. Identify the policy problem
  2. Describe the policy proposal, including how it would be implemented
  3. State your position on the policy proposal.
  4. Summarize any of the relevant evidence for your position
  5. Use no more than 2 main arguments in support of your position. These arguments should be framed in light of your stakeholder’s constituency.
  6. Conclude with a forceful statement that reiterates your position and calls on the appropriate legislative body or agency to adopt your position.

What services are available to the disabled elderly?

Advocating for Medicare for those 50 and older.

For assistance in writing an op-ed, please refer to the following resources:

You should feel free to rely on the materials required for class, but you may want to supplement your knowledge of these proposals by referring to position papers in the optional readings folder.

Be sure to edit and proofread your work. Points will be deducted for spelling errors and poor grammar.

Stakeholder groups:

  • American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
  • Nursing homes (trade association is the American Health Care Association [ACHA])
  • American Hospital Association (represents hospitals)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry (choose a company like Novartis, Merck, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson or others)
  • American Geriatric Society (organization represents health care professions in geriatric care)
  • American Health Insurance Plans (organization that represents health insurers [AHIP])
  • Or another group of your choice

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