Advertising Is a Wasteful Expenditure or an Investment

There has been a constant debate about “advertising” that whether it is a useful or wasteful expenditure of resources. Advertising plays a crucial role in today’s world where there are so many brands vying for the customer’s attention. If not advertising, how else would you as a consumer know what all there is you could choose from? Though a useful tool, it must be well utilized to create an impact. Many a times, we as consumers remember the setting of the ad but forget the brand that was being advertised…this is definitely a pitfall and must be looked into.
For an ad to have a real impact, it must be able to create brand retention. Advertising is the main source of “Customer Education” in marketing. Its main advantage to the customer is that we become aware of the products in the market and have a competitive advantage in buying the products and services. Its main advantage to the seller is in the manner of informing the prospective customers of the values of the products and capturing them.
In older days, ads were on papers and pamphlets and billboards. In this electronic era, it has captured the TV and the internet. Therefore advertising is not a waste of resources. But as companies make their advertising expenditure on customer then it would be a bit problematic condition for customers as companies just look for their profits and if the advertising agency is not good then the whole budget goes waste.

So i think company should be effective to make an ad as for this era advertising is an important aspect for all types of businesses. But company should not make the ads on the costs of customer’s money as they don’t give customer a big return but they have a huge returns and companies absorb bloods of poor customers. So i think that should be stop or minimized as in India rich are becoming more richer and poor becoming more poorer

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