Advantages of Credit Cards

Throughout history, men invented ingenious ways to solve problems. Some simple, but most will leave a big impact on our future. Men invented trading as means to acquire things that is needed, with another individual who wants what the trader has. But sometimes, what we want to trade with is not what the tradee wants. So currency is formed. Currency is accumulatable, powerful and can be used to acquire our wants and needs. Currency had been created in many shapes and sizes.
When it was first invented, precious metals such as silver and gold chips are the most widely used. But in our modern era, paper currency reigns dominance. As time goes on, men started craving, craving for thing or material objects that only money can buy. And one might not have the funds to buy such things or if that certain desire costs a lot, bringing a whole load of cash with you to the store might not be such a good idea for many reasons. And so the credit card is invented. This small little piece of plastic will leave a big impact on society.
There are repercussions of misusing this object but let’s talk about the advantages for now. So what exactly are the advantages of credit cards? BUY TICKETS OR SHOP ONLINE EASILY In modern society, people have found ingenious ways to make acquiring everyday needs or material objects of desired. Grocery shops were invented so that we don’t need to wake up early and go all the way to farms to get fresh food like vegetables, eggs and meat. But what if we want require specific items, something that is not common but it needed as quick as possible.

We might go around asking our friends and relatives to acquire those items. How troublesome would that have been, or had been as people actually did this back then. But then, utilizing the power of the internet, people had discovered that they can acquire things that are unusually rare, but is available. Sometimes from a seller from another country. To buy, means to pay. But how do we pay someone from another country? Mailing a wad of cash in an envelope to the seller might not be such a good idea, as mail do get lost from time to time.
And so the credit card plays the role in rectifying this problem. Using the credit card we can pay the seller using borrowed funds from the bank and send it to the seller in the form of digital data in which will then be added to the account of the seller and thus the seller is paid. We can acquire things easily from the internet, and now with the usage of credit card,everything we need can be acquired. If it exists, if it is being sold, it can be acquired. It doesn’t matter if it’s in China, New York or timbuctoo.
And lets say if something is on sale or your favorite band is having a concert in your hometown but you don’t have enough cash to buy it and if you wait until your pay check to arrive, your opportunity is long gone. Don’t worry your credit card is here to help. Instant currency with just a swipe of the card or a few presses of some numbers and information on the internet. No longer will you have to wait in line at the airport to buy tickets, you get get them through the internet using your credit card in just a few minutes.
Nowadays people would rather stay home and shop through the internet than having to endure a long drive to the local mall especially if during the peak hours where there are traffic jams. Sites such as Lazada. com are common shopping websites that welcomes the usage of credit cards. It’s like a virtual mall in which the items bought need not be carried in accumulative quantities to the car park, but is put in a virtual shopping cart and then sent directly onto your doorsteps after the credit card payment has been made.