Advanced practice nurse role in quality improvement

Advanced practice nurse role in quality improvement inclusive of shaping health policy. Integrate project management strategies and skills needed to be successful in managing a quality initiative.Utilize scientific rigor in quality improvement initiatives. Critically analyze quality improvement strategies and evidence based practices as a nurse leader. Apply evidence to prioritize quality improvement strategies to narrow the “quality gaps” and change practice in a clinical site. Examine the role of information technology in the identification and tracking of healthcare issues and evidence-based initiatives. Discuss ethical and legal implications for the Project Director including IRB approval and human subject protection.

  • Discuss how today’s current health care system is structured and functions within the present-day environment (supports student learning outcome #1).
  • Summarize the target organizations readiness for change (supports student learning outcome #1).
  • Identify professional skills needed for effective project management (supports student learning outcome #2).
  • Identify key stakeholders that are essential as team members to implement a successful project (supports student learning outcome #2).
  • Succinctly outline an evidence-based intervention for implementation to address the defined clinical issue (supports student learning outcome #3; #5).

Advanced practice nurse role

Discuss your organizations readiness for change relative to your evidence-based practice change project. How do you know the organization is ready or is not ready? Is it is not ready, what can you do to prepare the organization for change?
3. After reading your text about team development, discuss the inter-professional team at your agency that will be involved in implementing your evidence-based practice project. Describe the team being formed for your practice change project. What disciplines are represented in your team? What is the individual member’s purpose for being a member on your team? What challenges will they face and how will they differ from the current work and/ or project team?  Consider your response within the constraints of the organization where you plan to implement your project.