Adolescents and young adults and their identity

Adolescents and young adults and their identity. Each of the movies below relates to adolescents and young adults who are in the process of forming their own identity. Have students watch at least one of the movies listed. They should then provide a short synopsis of the movie and specifically describe how the movie relates to Marcia’s theory of identity formation: achievement, moratorium, foreclosure, and diffusion. 

Ideas for Obedience, Conformity, Authority

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Sixteen Candles
The Breakfast Club
About a Boy
Whale Rider
Breaking Away
The Graduate
Six Degrees of Separation
Bottle Rocket

option 2: Scan over ALL of the chapters in your textbook and find a topic that interests you. Relate each topic to a movie that explains the topic in detail. You must watch each movie to complete this assignment.

The movie can be a documentary or autobiography but not a TV show or sitcom.
Each topic and movie can be used only once

Movie Outline/Description (150-300 words typed)

Essay (Research and Comparison) (750-words typed)

Must use at least 2 credible research articles (when in doubt ask instructor or Librarian). Do not use Wikipedia.

Adolescents and young adults

Description (explain what it is and give the definition)
 Prevalence (men, women, children, adults, etc.)
 History (when was it first identified, by whom, how, what do we know now)
 Biological relationships (are you born with it, dominant or recessive gene, will you pass it on to your biological children, etc.)
 Symptoms (how do you get it and what symptoms are displayed or not displayed, how often does it occur, etc.)
 Treatments (how has it been treated throughout history up until this point in time, are there new treatments being discovered, etc.)
 Compare the main character(s) in this movie with your research.

 Were the symptoms displayed in the movie consistent with the topic information from your research?

 Explain why or why not and provide specific examples.

Use the APA template and cite two sources in the Reference section

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