Adolescent psychology response paper

 The paper should be typed (1.5 spaces, Times New Roman 12, with 1 inch margins all around). Length is a minimum of 2500 words.The style of paper is not fixed. But please reference other sources you use outside of the articles in this folder in a manner that anyone can look it up (Include websites used to get material from). Rather than just providing an opinion or reaction, you will be expected to think critically in making your arguments. There is no right or wrong to answers to how you address your choice, but justification has to be provided for your thinking. A paper that lacks critical thinking won’t be graded highly.  

Gordon was an important early psychologist who was concerned with the general theory of G. Stanley Hall regarding the psychological and cognitive effects of adolescence. Based on her article in this folder, what are some of the relevant factors today that she brought up in 1905 that she believed Hall failed to consider? Provide some examples from today’s Western culture to support or disprove her points. With what points that she raised would you disagree. Why? Contrast her critique with the books approach to emerging adulthood, as well as the recent Peck/Huffington Post article in this folder on a conference for employees last year at Ernst and Young, one of the largest accounting firms in the world. 

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Assignment Annotated Bibliography

References References Apsche, J. A., & Siv, A. M. (2005): Page 130: Mode Deactivation Therapy (MDT): A Theoretical Case Analysis on a Suicidal Adolescent — IJBCT1 (2):130 Apsche, J. A.,….


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