Addiction Counselor Interview

Due tomorrow 11/11/18 by the time I submit this. Thanks!!
Counselor has to be in Wisconsin( Google one) Think like a student who has knowledge of counseling when doing this paper. Be excited on getting to know  what addiction counseling is. 

Description:  Interview an AODA counselor   (SAC-T, or SAC, or CSAC; a counselor who works specifically with addicted/alcoholic people and their families) and complete a 3-4-page paper  in a summarized format, complete with introduction, your reaction to the interview, and conclusions. Include the answers to the following questions: 
Ø How would this counselor define   his/her role?
Ø What population does he/she work   with (i.e. age group, race, gender)?
Ø In what setting does the counselor   work? (intake, assessment, outpatient,   group therapy, inpatient, etc.)
Ø What does this counselor feel is   the most important part of the assessment process?
Ø What are the assessment tools   used?
Ø What is difficult about diagnosing   AODA?
Ø Does this counselor address   non-substance addictions? If so, how is this different from AODA?
Ø What is this counselor’s (or   agency’s) view of addressing mental health issues in the AODA treatment setting? How do they deal with medication and dual   diagnosis?
Ø What rewards does this counselor   experience in his/her job?
Ø How does he/she address the   client’s denial?
Ø At what point is family   involved? At what level?
Ø What is the counselor’s favorite   part about his/her position as an AODA counselor?
Ø How does this counselor avoid burnout?
Ø What trends has this counselor seen in the field of addiction counseling, (changes) and how does he/she feel   about these?
Ø Identify at least two additional questions you choose to ask, identify what you ask, why you chose these questions, and the answers. 

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