Act like a girl

I wanted to Interview a male who has experienced similar experiences with not being accepted because he was not the stereotypical “man. ” In our Interview the other day, I asked you If you agreed or disagreed with this statement: “Every child, boy or girl, should have the right to his or her own self image, and should not have to live by some gender roles” (Freeman 36). You answered yes in agreement! I asked you why you said yes so quickly. Your answer was because growing up you faced situations when you wished you could simply be yourself thou the Judgment of others.
You shared your thoughts of what the stereotype of a man Is to you. Some common Images of a man Is to be athletic, masculine, muscular, insensitive, and tough. I’m sure you could have gone on with this list of characteristics expected of a “manly man. ” Women are expected to be a particular way, also. Some of us Just don’t fall under those expected traits. Still, most people tend to hold common stereotypes of certain people in mind. We both went to the same high school and cheered on our Varsity cheer squad for 2 years together.
I was glad that you decided to share this part of your life with me, I know It was hard to talk about. In high school you didn’t dress Like all the other boys, and you didn’t talk like all the other boys. You were a male cheerleader. You were the only male cheerleader. You expressed the hardship and ridicule our peers put you through. I felt a deep sorrow when you told me that our peers would tease you. Teasing is for elementary school, not high school. I could see the pain in your eyes when you would state the comments the students would make towards you.

It Is definitely a common assumption for people to make that because a male Is a cheerleader, then he must be gay. You do not consider yourself to fit the gender role of a typical male, because you are very much the opposite. I felt it was necessary to ask you about your childhood. I wanted to know how you grew up and if there was any influences in your life pertaining to the topic of gender stereotypes. Growing up you said that you didn’t play with car toys, or ride motorcycle bikes, and wasn’t into sports.
In Freeman’s essay he TLD play with parable dolls, or play tea party with the other little girls, and she loved playing basketball. When I asked you if you had played sports, you said no but you would play catch in the park with your dad. I am sorry to have heard that your father passed away when you were very young. I was surprised to hear that you do not think that your father passing away influenced you to be more in touch with your feelings. You have always been more in touch with your feelings even before that incident. Most people think that a boys father passing away will greatly Influence the
During our interview, your brother, Corey came in to greet me. That was polite of him! I asked you how your relationship was with your brother, since you two are very opposite of each other. Your brother seems to fit the mold of our society’s “man. ” I was devastated to hear that your relationship with your brother has been strained for years. It started when you became a cheerleader, because he doesn’t accept the fact that that is who you are and that is what makes you happy. Freeman and her mother’s relationship was also uneasy because of her mother’s lack of support.
On the contrary, your relationship with your mother is beautiful, and stable. You expressed your thankfulness and appreciation for her in our interview. She has not turned her back on you, or Judged you. Your mother accepts you for who you are. You are her son and she loves you no matter what happens. I enjoyed our interview. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and discuss the questions I had for you. I am happy that you are absolutely content with yourself. We have been friends for a couple of years now, and I wouldn’t change you for anything.

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