Entity Selection
Your term paper begins with a scenario provided below. You must examine the facts stipulated in the scenario, define various entity types, and make a recommendation regarding entity selection. You will provide responses to various tax implications [that may differ] based on your entity selection. You will be graded on a clear, concise, but comprehensive paper that shows the instructor that you can interpret tax law, apply it to a real-world scenario, and communicate it in an organized and well-thought-out manner.
The due date for the paper will be the end of Week 6.

After 20+ years of working for other firms, three professionals are considering combining forces and establishing their own practice. The three professionals are Penelope (enrolled agent, age 41), Mark (CPA, age 43), and John (CVA, age 65). Penelope specializes in taxes, Mark is an auditor, and John is a business valuation expert.
There are various options available regarding entity selection for the new business venture. The appropriate business entity for any individual(s) will depend on their particular facts and circumstances.
You are a valued colleague and friend of this trio, and they have come to you seeking advice as to how to structure their new business. Please consider the following tax and nontax issues as you recommend an entity choice to Penelope, Mark and John.

Research and describe the main characteristics of the various forms of organization (i.e., entity) that are available to Penelope, Mark, and John.
Become familiar with the tax implications of choosing one form of organization over another.
Make your recommendation as to what form of organization (choosing only one) you believe will be most beneficial for the group from a tax standpoint. Be sure to explain the reasoning for your choice. Once your choice is made, discuss the various tax implications to the entity and to the three individuals, as follow.
Discuss the tax consequences of contributing cash, property, and/or services to the new entity (discuss only for the entity you have recommended).
Discuss, in detail, how this entity is taxed (if at all) and what filing requirements it has with the IRS (discuss only for the entity you have recommended).
Discuss how income and distributions may or will be allocated to Penelope, Mark, and John (discuss only for the entity you have recommended).
Discuss, in detail, how the individuals are taxed (if at all) with respect to the net profits from this entity and what filing requirements they will each have with the IRS (discuss only for the entity you have recommended).
Discuss how Penelope, Mark and John will calculate their “basis” in the new entity. Be sure to include the impact that debt has on basis, if any (discuss only for the entity you have recommended).
Regarding limited liability, discuss the exposure that Penelope, Mark, and John’s personal assets will have to the debts and lawsuits of the entity you have recommended (discuss only for the entity you have recommended).
Conclude why entity selection is important to a newly forming business.


Restate the facts provided in the scenario.
Provide responses to each issue based on your recommendation.
Write a 1,400–1,500-word paper in APA format (double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins).
Provide support for your conclusions by reference to the appropriate Internal Revenue Code sections (required), the textbook, and/or a reliable Internet research source. Papers with Internet sources only will not earn full credit.
Submit original work. Review the plagiarism policy in the Syllabus.
Run a Turnitin report and submit it with your paper.

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