ABOUT NANOTECHNOLOGY Article of Interest. While in recent years the enormous progress of nanotechnology in biomedical sciences has revolutionized therapeutic and diagnostic approaches, the comprehension of nanoparticle-plant interactions, including uptake, mobilization and accumulation, is still in its infancy. Deeper studies are needed to establish the impact of nanomaterials (NMs) on plant growth and agro-ecosystems and to develop smart nanotechnology applications in crop improvement. Herein we provide a short overview of NMs employed in plant science and concisely describe key NM-plant interactions in terms of uptake, mobilization mechanisms, and biological effects. The major current applications in plants are reviewed also discussing the potential use of polymeric soft NMs which may open new and safer opportunities for smart delivery of biomolecules and for new strategies in plant genetic engineering,


Find an interesting news article ABOUT NANOTECHNOLOGY from the site below and answer the following questions in a short essay. (Links to an external site.)

(1) Start your reply to this discussion with an impressive original title that describes the article. Don’t copy the article title. Make the title font BIG to attract attention from other students.

(2) What is the main idea of the article? Try to summarize in just a few sentences with an explanation that a middle school student could understand.

(3) What is “nano” about the research or discovery that is described? Is the article discussing nano-sized particles – or nano-sized features on a macroscopic particle – or something else?

(4) Why does this article interest you? Why did you pick it instead of another article?

(5) How “realistic” is the nanotechnology in your article? Is it the beginning of discovery – or are we close to practical application? Is this just cool science – or does it address a real problem? What other application can you think of that it might apply to?

(6) Include a link to the specific article, not the general website I have provided.

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