Abortion: Teenage Pregnancy

Alyssa Gonzalez Prof. Carter ENC 9020 11-3-09 Teenage Pregnancy Everyday we see or hear about a teenage girl pregnant. When were teenagers we don’t realize the long term effect on unprotected sex. Not only getting pregnant but picking up sexual transmitted diseases. There are many effects on teenage pregnancy emotional and physical. Teenage pregnancy is the number one problem in the United States on why kids drop out of school. Right now kids are having sex at a very young age and not using protection and getting pregnant causing young girls to drop out of school and not getting an education. In those cases the kids of the teenage moms usually end up being messed up because there parents were so young they don’t have that much of an education because they dropped out. Schools and parents encourage abstinence from all sexual activity but these days girls think the only way to prove to there boyfriend or just a hook up that they like them is by having sex. Resulting in pregnancy if not using a condom or not on birth control or if those fail. Now girls and guys like having sex because its fun and it feels good not worrying so much about the consequences.

Teenage pregnancy can be very stressful of course for the girl to having to decide whether or not to keep the baby, how to cope with motherhood or whether to make an adoption plan. The biggest effect a girl faces is the body changing during pregnancy and there lifestyle. Because most teenagers are drinking underage, smoking, lack of sleep, and unhealthy diet that can have a negative effect on the baby. Emotional teenage girls have a higher risk on health issues then an older women, such as anemia, pregnancy induced hypertension, toxemia, premature elivery, cervical trauma, and even death. Teenage girl is more likely to be undernourished and suffer premature and prolonged labor. Many of these risks is because a lack of parental guidance. When a teenager is pregnant it also has an effect on the society of being pregnant while your in school and unwed. People in our society seem to condemn the young girls that become pregnant and cast them aside. In peoples minds its that you have to be married out of school and have a house to be able to have a kid when that’s really not the case anymore.

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