Abolition of Capital Punishment in the USA

Abolition of Capital Punishment in the USA. Capital punishment has a similarity to the death penalty where the person who has had  a legal trial is executed for the particular crimes they have committed. The state has the mandate to practice this form of punishment where it implements it through various ways including: beheading, crucifixion, electrocution, gas chambers, lethal injection, etc. Capital punishment is the ultimate form of punishment used in court.

Abolition of Capital Punishment

Mainly it can be applied when the offender has committed capital crimes, among them being committing murder and treason. Although capital punishment is justified as a way to deter crimes, retribution, and claim that some crimes do away with one right to life, it should be abolished to safeguard the offender’s right to live in the United States.

Killing the Innocent

Death penalty is unjust because the offenders to be convicted sometimes are innocent and cruelly killed for faulty court judgements. According to American Civil Liberties Union, it argues that non-guilty are often subjected to capital punishments, and from 1973, 156 people were released in 26 states after realizing they were not guilty initially. Courts often make judgments from the skills of the attorney, the race of the victim, how much money they have, and so forth. Therefore, there is a high probability of convicting the innocent being convicted to unfair death sentence.

Effect on Democracy

The application of capital punishment creates a way of impoverishing democracy in the states. Commencing of death penalties and execution was practiced by monarchs and the powerful, but later on, citizens were involved to include people’s agreement over the same. However, the execution of capital punishment happens to be a bureaucratic decision kept away from the citizens (Austin 904). The states’ practices lead to the division of Americans, hostility due to racial killings, and indifferent life complexities. In turn, capital punishment undermines the democracy of people in the state.

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