Abolition of abortion in the United States

Abolition of abortion in the United States. The procedure done using medicine and surgery to remove embryo or fetus and products of conception from the uterus to enable end pregnancy is referred to abortion. Termination of pregnancy has been happening all over the world either legalized or illegalized. Many countries has legalized this practice where women can go to the clinic and have a safe procedures. These countries include Canada, United States, France, Denmark, Austria among others where they are performed to all female regardless of age.  There has been claims that abortion should be abolished due to being a dangerous act and killing lots of women, a form of moral transgression and protecting life of the fetus at all costs. However, termination of pregnancy should not be abolished in the USA as it would risk the maternal health and fetal health, social economic concerns and interference with future opportunities.

Keeping the fetus until birth to the mothers, is likely to interfere and hinder the future opportunities like educations and work. When the Underage female has born a child there is need to tale care of the child hence the need to perform abortion. According to Chae, S et al (2018), argues that 54% of the females in their research were found to perform abortion to enable them to have opportunity to attain education and work in future. Also, the adolescent females who bear children underage are unlikely to complete their degrees while few teenage mothers join colleges while only up to 1% are able to complete college by 27 years (Guttmacher, Sally et al 120). Therefore, to ensure that all teenagers are able to attend schools later accessing better jobs, incase they get pregnant they should be able to access abortion services, instead of risking future and life of a mother.

Abolition of abortion in the United States

Pregnancy can bring along complications which would pose risk to the life of mothers and to risk of fetal health, making it the first option into saving life. To a point where a miscarriage happens or the pregnancy tends to be ectopic, the moral point would be saving the life of the mother. According to Merger B in Abortion Law and Policy around the World, abortion should be performed to save the physical health and protect the life of a woman. If the physical life of a woman is in danger or is mental disabled, abortion should be performed. Every mother life counts and therefore legalizing it should not only happen when the mother is in danger, but also while preserving the physical and mental health of the woman (Clowes B para 4). Each pregnancy that possess a threat to health of the woman should be aborted, therefore no need to abortion abolition

Bearing of a child bring along lots of responsibility to being a mother while the resources required increases, consequently the way to resolve this is by obtaining an abortion. According to Bowels, the reason why women choose abortion is because they could not raise a baby now (97). The price of motherhood is always expensive and through the government legalizing abortion the cost could be reduced to keeping the baby when one has money. According to Fosters D et al, they found out that the women who denied abortions experience economic hardships and insecurity in years later due to the law enforced on them (para 4). Ability to conduct an abortion when the women feel she doesn’t not have enough economic resources should be upheld, to protect her from poverty.

Abolition of abortion in the United States

Abolition of abortion in the United States. Although abortion in USA is still viewed as a dangerous act that increases the death if women a sin and a way to protect the life of the fetus whatsoever, it should not be illegalized as it health save the life of mother and fetus, enabling future opportunities and social economic concerns when the mother is not stable enough. Abortions in United States should not be illegalized as there are so much benefit women would accrue from it. Rather, it is key to ensure that abortions are done in a safe manner, that would not risk the health or life of a mother. Though many women may exploit this chance inappropriately, non-abolishment of pregnancy termination could create good in women population.

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