For this assignment you are to start writing a research paper. Research paper topic is Deterrence and Incapacitation
For Part 1: this course project should include the following: 
a) Title page (Page 1), 
b) Draft abstract page (Page 2), 
c) Content (Pages 3-6), 
d) Introduction 
e) Review of the Literature 
f) Research Methodology 
g) Reference page(s), and 
h) Table of Cases. 
Include at least two additional references to those listed in the Unit II Outline, for a total of five references. At least one of the references must discuss the role of policy with the court system. The policy discussed should relate to your chosen topic. Include an assessment of the role of policy with the court system in your literature review. 
Part I should include at least three pages of content. With the title page, a draft of the abstract, reference page, and table of cases your submission should total at least eight pages. It is not expected that you have a full abstract at this point but making notes of the key points you have so far developed will make writing the final abstract easier. 

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