A public listed company and research on it

  • A public listed company
  • Nature of business (what industry is it in? How big is it in terms of revenue and number of employees?)
  • Corporate mission and goals;
  • A brief history of company;
  • Management team, organizational structure, strategy, and model;
  • Marketing (What products or services do they buy or sell or provide
  • Where is their market? How big is the market? How do they market
  • Who are their partners? Who are their competitors?)
  • Human resources (What is their HR structure? How do they recruit new workers? What benefits do they provide? How do they train their employees? How do they develop their employees? Do they have a labor union? What role does the labor union play in this company?)
    Information technology
  • Finance and accounting (What is their F&A structure? How big is the budget? What is their role? What is the break down of operating budget? What is their total assets, expenses, revenues, and net revenues? How much reserve do they have and why? What investments do they have?)
  • Challenges
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