A Man S Best Friend

The people of this time adopted orphaned wolf pup and nursed them Shoemaker 2 with small children and babies. Once generations of these tamed wolves star Ted to breed more domesticated versions followed, eventually giving way to more dog like attire tutees. These dogs proved loyal companions in many ways: participating in hunting rituals, create nag strong companionship with its owner, and protecting the community it was raised in [parallel structure]. As the population of humans started dispersing around the globe, many varieties of dog breeds followed suit. Depending on the area, many breeds were specialize De to perform a specific role.
Breeds such as Beagles and Dachshunds were bred specifically f or hunting, with breeds such as Australian Sheppard and Border Collies for herding. Whatever the task, all dogs showed infinite amounts of companionship, which entitled them to the phrase e “man’s best friend. ” Although today dogs are usually found in homes, they’ve never lost the e love and companionship they share for their owner, which is why fortresses percent of all households in the U. S. Own at least one. Dogs create an atmosphere of love, loyalty, and co impassion, earning their name, and the phrase in which we all know them by.
The emotional attachment that dogs have to their owners IS unmatched by an y other animal. Dogs do not judge their owner, or hold a grudge. Canines, unlike the r species, forgive and forget quickly, which is evident by their ancestors. Wolf packs resolve disc agreements instantaneously, and move on. Since an owner is all that a dog has, they pick up on nonverbal clues which would be unattainable to a stranger, or even a family member. H unmans come In contact with so many people during the day that they’ve forgotten this useful tool, but their canine hasn’t.

Each day when they get home the dog is waiting for them, as h app as the day before to greet them. Dogs help their owners unwind and relieve stress. This resolves issues and tension that humans build up in the struggle of everyday life. Playing and intent reacting with dogs Shoemaker 3 leads to increased levels of extinction, a stress relieving hormone, while decree sing cortical, a stress inducing hormone. “both pet ownership and social support are significant ant predictors of survival, independent of the effects of the other psychosocial factors and pay ecologic status” (Marathons), confirmed heart disease researchers whom researched this theory .
Socializing with a go not only reduces the effects of aging, such as a heart attack or stroke, but also enhances the longevity of the owner. An Arizona school principle that has merged learning with canines evokes, “You can always talk to a dog, and the dogs not going to judge you” ( Marathons). This phrase is why many dog owners mourn so dramatically when they lose their c Annie counterpart, because they didn’t just lose a pet, but a best friend. The willingness of a dog t o just sit and listen, while the owner weeps, laughs, or yells, gives the owner a place to vent, just as a friend or family member.
The canines compassion is the owners Achilles’ heel [allusion The life of a dog experiences many of the things its owner does as well, which creates a boo ND almost unbreakable by any occurrence. These experiences create a profound relation unships with the owner, as strong as a family member, because Of the sheer amount Of joy the dog brings into its handler. The dog loves them the same, even after getting laid off, being poor, or having a bad day [parallel structure].
Each day when the owner comes home, they know the e dog will be there, happy to have them in their life – and that’s why the dog is a man’s best friend. There’s also a scientific reason why dogs are known as man’s best friend. A H Nigerian team of scientists recently discovered that dogs are very similar to humans w hen it comes to vocal recognition. ‘”Crucially, dog brains respond to acoustic cues of emotion I n the same way as people’,” said Tail Antics, the head of the research team. ‘Our findings us gets that they also use similar brain mechanisms to process social information. This may us port the Shoemaker 4 successfulness of vocal communication between the species”‘ (Spencer). T his is why dogs not only know when we are mad, but also when we are depressed, sad, or disc Aragua. Dogs hear the tonal patterns in our voices and react to them. When a person is sad, dog s hear this and come to comfort their owner. Using the human and dog brain waves, researchers et Steed the subjects on various noises.
These included various types of emotional noises; crying, pain full whimpering, playful laughing, and merciful yelling. The results concluded that human and t heir canine counterparts have similar voice areas in the brain. Another experiment by sic entities at Emory University in Georgia, show that dogs do not simply just want the food the owe nerds provide, they want the affection and praise. These scientists used Emir’s to inspect the brain of dogs during several tests. The scientists raised there hands to show the dogs they would b e receiving positive reinforcement (a treat).
The researchers proved that a part of the brain called the caudate nucleus, responsible for positive emotion, was congruent in canines and humans. This strengthens the idea that dogs really do love their owner for more then just the extra incentive sees they provide, they want the same things that humans want, companionship and loyalty. The experiments prove not only that dogs show genuine love for their owners, but also that the musicianship between owner and dog are equivalent. The anatomical similarities in the brain NSA of dogs and humans show that the way humans feel about dogs are also reciprocated.
Do g’s are truly man’s best friend and the science behind the phrase proves it. The lineage of the domesticated canines revolves around thousands of years of domesticating and specialized breeding; however the dog has proven a loyal c maroon throughout them all. Dogs are a common occurrence in everyday households, and every person that owns one knows the impact they have on the lives of the handlers they a effect. Dogs pour all Shoemaker 5 f their loyalty, compassion, and efforts into their owner, a trait the world woo old be lucky to attain.

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