A dream is a wish your heart makes

You dream of all the wonderful possibilities of living. And you find solace in your reams. “I want to fly, I will study and become a pilot… ” “l want to make a difference in the world” etc. And as you are on your journey towards your dream you will come across people who will condemn you for the dreams you dream and for the thing you do. People are constantly looking for faults in other people so that they can feel better about themselves. Sometimes these people might be your closest friends your family etc. But you know what keep fighting to live your dream..
And of course you will also come across people who will support you encourage you and inspire you to omelet your journey. Mostly in our Asian society if your dream or aspiration is not related to medicine engineering or law it is squished like a bug. Would know; I speak from experience. Some of us of course get lucky and can lay the foundations underneath their castles in the air. But most of us get stuck doing the things we hate because we are not allowed to dream of the things we love. And so we wait, we tell ourselves just one more year just few more days till we become our own people and can do what we like.
We are always waiting for that one moment where we can metamorphosis from a trilateral and escape this cocoon and go on our adventures as beautiful butterfly. And if we believe in our wings we will surely fly. That’s the trick believing in yourself. Life may look like you are at the edge off cliff about to fall but just stop an feel the water spraying on your face the wind in your hair and the thrill and excitement of it all and once you embrace yourself -? jump! And guess what you don’t fall you fly because embracing yourself ad fighting for yourself is what made you this butterfly with these beautiful wings with which you fly.

Take risks plunge into the unknown but always believe and never lose hope. Every life is important and every life is worth living. We all are like stars making up a the constellation of life and even without one star it loses its meaning. You may sometimes feel like you are less important the another person but remember you are you that is something no one can ever be. ‘Some people are like wildfire rushing and spontaneously changing everyone in their path but we are like the molten lava that flows below the earths surface changing the very foundations upon which we stand.