A critical self-evaluation

A critical self-evaluation

A critical self-evaluation of how one can act as a member of a social system. One of the most difficult aspects of managing and leading in organizations is fully understanding that we are participants in organizations but, at the same time, we help create them. Recognizing this is essential to make ourselves matter. By becoming creators of our social systems, we can drive our conversations and actions to have a positive effect on our organizations. The goal of this assignment is to develop the skill of reflection to enhance learning from experience. In this case reflection is based on the creation of comparisons between others’ behavior and your own.

In this assignment, I am asking you to conduct a critical self-evaluation of how you act as a member of a social system. To do this, I would like you to write a five to seven-page paper (double spaced, one-inch margins, references as footnotes). Please turn in your paper without your name on it, using only your student ID number, in both the Assignment and into your ePortfolio.

a reflection paper is going to require that you place high value on the positive behavior of others and engage critically on your own behavior


This is an integral part of learning through skill development.

Thinking about your work experience consider the variety of work organizations (i.e., social systems) you have been a part of. In this paper you should:

Describe one positive behavior or action that you have seen a peer do on a regular basis in your organization. Describe the behavior and the contextual and personal reasons why that peer might have acted that way, using concepts from organizational behavior to explain them. Describe how it had a positive behavior on the social system. Make sure you explain the evidence you have for your assertions, that is, what do you know and what you don’t know. (Yes, it is *always* ok to admit that there are things you are guessing about. Below, your plan of action will depend, in part, on how good you believe your information is.)


The Social Self: The Role of the Social Situation

Describe one negative behavior that you have done in the past in one or more work organizations you have belonged to. Describe this behavior and, again, describe how it had a negative impact on the social system. Describe the contextual and personal reasons why you might have acted this way using concepts from organizational behavior.

After examining these behaviors, determine a change you would like to make to your own behavior and develop a plan that you can use to ensure that you adopt it for use in a current organization. In other words, you should develop a goal and then describe the plan you will put in place to meet that goal. Your plan should account for contextual and personal factors that may be obstacles to your goal, using course concepts to identify and address them. You should discuss the strengths and limitations of the behavior you are trying to adopt and the strengths and limitations of your plan. As you do so, please be sure to cite your sources so the linkage between your approach and the course material is clear.