A Critical Essay on Raimondo Pannikar Essay

Raimondo Panikkar is a Roman Catholic Priest who specializes in the survey of comparative doctrine of faith. He was born in Barcelona Spain on November 03. 1918. Possibly. the assorted inter faith matrimony of his female parent. who was a Catholic from Catalonia Spain. and his male parent who was a Hindu from a extremely situated caste Nair from South India. histories most for his involvement in comparative spiritual doctrine. His instruction besides contributed much in this.
He was educated in a Jesuit school and he took up chemical science and doctrine at universities in Madrid. Barcelona and Bonn. After being ordained as a Roman Catholic Priest in 1946. and keeping doctor’s degrees in Philosophy and Science ( Complutense University. Madrid 1945 and 1958 ) and divinity ( Pontifical Lateran University. Rome. 1961 ) . he left for India in 1953 to set about surveies in Indian doctrine and faith at the University of Mysore and at the Banaras Hindu University.
He authored 40 books and about a 1000 articles covering with comparative doctrine and faith and has deliberated on rules and patterns of multi-faith. which includes among others. duologues between Christian-Hindu. Christian-Buddhist and Christian-Secularist. In the book Intrareligious Dialouges. Panikkar said “I left as a Christian ; found myself a Hindu ; and I return as a Buddhist. without holding ceased to be a Christian. ” ( Panikkar. Paulist Press ; revised edition. July 1999. ISBN 0809137631 ) . Panikkar’s parts are widely quoted and to a great extent used to back up the theory of

( your household name 2 ) spiritual pluralism. interfaith and multi-faith surveies every bit good as spiritual comparative doctrine. THE WEBSITE HTTP: //WWW. RELIGIOUSTOLERANCE. ORG No affair how you describe yourself. you should happen your beliefs and patterns accurately represented in this web site. – ( ReligiousTolerance. org ) This site is a copyrighted side by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. In their Statement of belief the web Masterss said that they are a multi-faith group. As of 2008-FEB. we consist of one Atheist. Agnostic. Christian. Wiccan and Zen Buddhist.
Therefore. the OCRT staff deficiency understanding on about all theological affairs. such as belief in a supreme being. the nature of God. reading of the Bible and other holy texts. whether life after decease exists. what form the hereafter may take. etc. ( ReligiousTolerance. org ) They proceed to recite cardinal points in their belief system in a slug manner. and among others. said that they In working towards a civilization that is comparatively free of favoritism on the footing of gender. race. sexual orientation. gender individuality. faith. national beginning. physical disablement. age. etc. ( ReligiousTolerance.
org ) . On the left manus side of the web site there are clickable links of articles and essays that list among others. the major faiths of the universe. Non-theistic articles such as Agnosticism and Humanism. There are besides articles on Religious Ethical motives. Peace and Conflict. “Hot” Topics every bit good as Laws and News. Over-all the web site is apparent and straightforward. The interface is really easy to ( your household name 3 ) usage and really user friendly. The web site has patrons ads. but none of the usual annoyance pop-ups. and/or raging background music and other doodads that are found in other
web sites. The articles in the web site presented in a logic manner. are easy to utilize and subjects are indexed clearly for easy referencing and retrieval. It is besides peppered with nuggets and quotation marks from spiritual leaders and other noteworthy characters. One such illustration is on the bottom portion of the web page. from Mahatma Gandhi “The demand of the minute is non one faith. but common regard and tolerance of the fans of the different faiths. ( Ghandi ) . The web site is a valuable resource for information in the major faiths of the universe.
It is an first-class beginning of in deepness spiritual comparative articles every bit good as current issues impacting religion and pattern. WORKS CITED Pannikar. Raimondo. Intrareligious Dialouges: Paulist Press ; revised edition. July 1999. ISBN 0809137631 ) . Raimon-Panikkar. org Fundacion Vivarium Raimon Panikkar – Tavertet ( Catalunya ) Retrieved February 25. 2009. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. raimon-panikkar. org/index. html ReligiousTolerance. Org. Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. Retrieved February 25. 2009. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. religioustolerance. org/

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