A Comparative Study of Literary

I would like to appreciate deeply the Institute of Post-graduate Studies (PIPS) of Universities Gains Malaysia (ISM) for the graduate assistance scheme which has supported me financially and has permitted me to have more teaching experience in the university. I have really enjoyed it. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to my supervisor Dry. Teeing Separate Bin Teeing Maid. You have given your time and attention to my study. You have edified me Intellectually, and morally. I have learnt a lot from you.
I am profoundly grateful for all the efforts you have done for me to complete my studies. Well-done and thankful very much! Special thanks go to Mrs.. Teeing Handmaid Teeing Amdahl, and Mr.. Teeing Yah Teeing Maid for their moral support and encouragement. Thanks go also to the staff of the Department of Languages and translation of the Universities Gains Malaysia for their amity, friendship, dealing, and Interaction, which I have enjoyed for the period of my study. I’m grateful to my uncle Houseboys Abraham, and my aunt Marl Abraham for their moral support and encouragement.
I ask forgiveness from my children, Camera Mohamed Abode and Housel Mohamed Abode for living away from them for so long. I have lived away from you In your early ages for the quest for knowledge for the Juvenile generation of which you are members. Do understand that I think of you too much. I pray to my late parents, Embargo Abraham and Abode Mindset. May God rest their souls. Finally, I thank God for giving me health and persons, and to bless me to contribute the knowledge I have learnt to mankind in general and to my country, Comers in particular. Amen!

The last category deals with translator training, translation aids, and translation criticism. This study is conducted on the second category (TTS); it is a descriptive translation study in literary translation. It describes and compares translation aspects that can be semantically problematic. It is motivated by problems concerning the macrostructure (the global meaning of the texts understudy) and macrostructure (the expressive means of the texts understudy), their occurrence, translatability, and effects in literary translation. This study is a multilingual comparative study. It is a descriptive study on literary texts whose dynamic polyester, according to Hermann (1985: 10-12), requires a “continual interplay between theoretical models and practical case studies” carried out in a descriptive approach which is target-text oriented. Moreover, Avian and Darlene (1995: 9) state that “translation can be an object of research into the mechanisms of one language in relation to another. Translation allows us to clarify certain linguistic phenomena which otherwise would remain undiscovered. Weston (1991 : 9) points out that translation difficulties deal with overcoming conceptual differences between the SSL and TTL. Wills (1998: 58- 60), van Disk (1981: 5), and Escaroles (1978: 12- 14) have linguistically discussed the interdependence between macrostructure and macrostructure in terms of coherence and relationships. The former deal with the global relationships of the events and actions of the text, whereas the latter deals with the local details and their relationships between the

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