A Brief Evaluation of A Law Enforcement Stress Website

Research method has come a long way as technology zooms forward to the cyber-space era.  From the pulp pages of the hard-bound books in the library, comes the digitally encrypted data compressed into what we call cyberspace.

With just the click of the mouse button, one can access information readily available through the internet.  Search engines like yahoo and Google made researching faster since it presents hundreds of related topics of the subject being researched online.

There is no need to go to the library just to borrow three books at a time.  The listings searched in the search engine tool are websites developed by programmers and the content can be reliable or not.  The important point of researching online is convenience and wide array of resources will always be made available.
A Brief Evaluation of A Law Enforcement Stress Website
There are a lot of websites that can aid researchers about law enforcement stress, but only a few can actually give full details on the subject based from the US government.  Upon searching the topic about law enforcement stress using the Google search engine, one can come across a title from the National Institute of Justice that when you click on it, it opens an Adobe Acrobat file and shows the full text of a published book written by Peter Finn and Julie Esselman Tomz.
It contains fourteen chapters tackling the subject starting from its definition and how was the program formulated, until aiding the researchers to other resources related to this subject.
This book is not only about law enforcement stress for officers, but it is about the program development of stress programs for officers and their families too.  This is a very handy compilation of the program by the US government that is easily accessed through the internet and compiled into a readable .PDF file so the book can be downloaded and printed for reference.  It provides illustrations and forms needed for this program in its appendices.
This is government material that’s why everybody can access it without the need to go to the local library and saves researchers time and money.  For those who are researching about this topic, this is a one-stop shop where all related information is available, because endnotes are provided aside from the appendices.
For those looking for newer updates, they cannot rely on this however, because this provides the 1996 sources and research data.  One has to go to other websites to look for the latest research and evaluation done about this program though.
The leads and contact information included in this book can still provide details that can guide the researchers for the latest updates about this program.  This website is a highly recommended legal source of information about the law enforcement stress program.
Finn, P., Tomz, J. E.  December 1996.  Developing a Law Enforcement Stress Program
For Officers and Their Families.  Department of Justice.  August 21, 2008. [http://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles/163175.pdf].


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