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 company name: CHINA VANKE CO., LTD.
do 1.5 pages and u need to make 2 questions( use the point of view audience) make 2 questions to ask spokesman, also write answer

   This presentation is a reenactment of a press conference [Definition: an interview by journalists of a prominent person in order to make an announcement or answer questions.]  Each student in a group will have the opportunity to present (play the prominent person), ask questions (be the journalist), and record (using your phone camera).
 This group presentation will put your public speaking to the test by making you respond to 1-2 journalists in a crisis situation. Please research press release topics, prepare a statement, and then be ready for questions from the journalist(s).  The journalist(s) can throw anything at you, so you have to think quickly and speak with authority. 
 Each student in a group will act as the presenter, journalist, and recorder.  You must prepare a statement for the press release and prepare questions for when you play the role of journalist.  When you are acting as the presenter, you cannot know what questions will be asked of you but you must share the topic with your group members.  When you are acting as the journalist, you cannot share your questions with the presenter but the presenter will inform you of the topic. 
You can also do a Crisis Press Conference – please research your own topics based on what’s happening in the media.  Politics, Global Warming, Health, and shocking celebrity news are some ideas.
 Group presentations start next week!  No visual aids.  You must submit at the beginning of class your individual statement (presenter) as well as your questions (journalist) for the other presenter in your group – typed, hard copy.  Try to memorize your statement!!  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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