700 – 900 words

With this given information, make up a tire company.

Discuss ( it’s an imaginary company that you have to come up with, but it have to sound legit. The info that’s provided should be relevant to the company)
have to fill these sections: 
– Introduction/Background 
– Company History
– Company Overview.
– Company’s data (including number of employees and their salaries and overhead costs and the number of units sold of each type of tire and the demand rates existing for the products and any data that may be helpful)

The project is going to be a tire company that has different type of tires for different cars/suvs for various seasons. The tires are manufactured at china and exported to Kuwait, although the synthetic rubber are imported from Indonesia. The company manufactures five types of tires which they are:
Our group has made the unanimous decision to move forward with the tire company that one of the members Mike has connections with in Kuwait. Sulaiman will provide the team with some of the data from the tire company’s balance sheet such as the inventory capacities and cost per unit, production cost per unit and sales price per unit of the five different types of tires the company produces such as, all-season tires, all-terrain tires, mud tires, snow/winter tires, and summer tires. Additionally, since this open line of communication between one of our team members (mike) and the company exists we can follow up to get any additional information we need to make the best educated decisions. 

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