635 Paper


Develop the business plan and understand all key components required for successful development and implementation

You will now complete and submit the entire business plan document.   

This assignment DOES NOT need to be in APA format. 
It should be formatted in an attractive way so as to bring attention to your document.
Continue with template found at: https://www.score.org/resource/business-plan-template-startup-business
You will, however, need to keep track of any resources/sources used within the paper and submit a REFERENCES page as an Appendix (part of same document) — this will be formatted according to APA 6th standards.
The need for specific appendices varies greatly from Business Plan to Business Plan. As you draft your plan, you will recognize items that require further documentation to substantiate your business strategies; the most logical place for this kind of documentation is in appendices. In addition, include references for the consultants or technical advisors who have assisted you.

Complete these final sections of your business plan:
VIII. Financial Plan.
IX. Appendices.
X. Refining the Plan.
Now That You’re (Almost) Finished . . .
I. Executive Summary
Your Financial Plan could include the following:

12-month profit & loss projection
Optional: 3-year profit & loss projection
Cash flow projection
Optional: 3-year cash flow statement
Projected balance sheet
Break-even calculation

Possible Appendices:

Agreements (Leases, contracts, purchase orders, letters of intent, etc.)
Intellectual property (trademarks, licenses, patents, etc.)
Resumes of owners/key employees
Advertising/marketing materials
Public relations/publicity
List of equipment
Market research studies
List of assets that can be used as collateral

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