6 pages due Thursday 11AM pst

Instructions: This assignment is an opportunity to integrate the readings from the course with your own practice and development as a leader. You should draw on your experience working in organizations, reflections from your learning journal, and any insights you gained through class discussions and activities.  You should also incorporate or make reference to at least three assigned readings, as well as concepts presented in the course.  (~6-8 pages, double spaced, times new roman font, 12pt.)

There are four parts to this assignment:

Describe in a detailed fashion the ways in which you have authentically related or applied theoretical frameworks and tools learned in class to your professional practice and at least one challenge you face as a leader in an organization. (approximately 2 Pages)
Account for ways in which your individual reflection and dialogue with others, including your group work and the class as a whole, have helped to developed your level of empowerment, professional identity, commitment to your development, and assumed roles in leading and managing others. (approximately 2-3 Pages)
Develop a customized strategy which utilizes at least three of the practice tools or frameworks you learned in class to facilitate meaningful dialogue with organizational stakeholders in the unique professional context where your work (i.e. colleagues, peers, superiors, subordinates, customers, etc.)). (approximately 2-3 Pages) 
APA citation

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