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In-service meetings create opportunities for early childhood educators to work and learn collaboratively with their administration and instructional teams. Teachers are often asked to share professional strategies or to facilitate topic-specific trainings with the rest of the staff. Therefore, it is important for new teachers to be comfortable with facilitating such in-service opportunities.
For this assignment, imagine you are a teacher in an early childhood center, and you have been tasked with leading a professional development session. Select one of the variations of the child assessment cycle you feel is most effective to present as a professional development session.
Create a 12-15 slide digital presentation that includes the following:

Describes each stage of the child assessment cycle.
Communicates the purpose and benefits of the child assessment cycle for students, teachers, parents, and the entire school as a system.
Defines pre-assessment and post-assessment and how each is used in the learning environment.
Identifies why having an intended purpose for an assessment prior to starting the child assessment cycle leads to collecting informative data.
Includes an original graphic (created by you) describing at least one activity and associated teacher responsibilities of each stage of the cycle.
Identifies resources for staff who would like to learn more about child assessments and how to utilize data to inform teaching practices.

The digital presentation should include presenter’s notes, title page, and reference slides, and be supported by 2-4 scholarly resources.

520 rush

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