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There is a vast amount of literature stressing the importance of multicultural competence in counseling. In fact, many studies show that minority clients are less likely to attend counseling compared to their majority counterparts. Marginalized clients are often misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and subsequently have higher early termination rates  (Neukrug, 2016). Knowing that the vast majority of counselors, approximately 80%,  in America are white, multicultural competency is more important than ever (Neukrug & Milliken, 2011).  America is considered the “melting pot”of cultural diversity; we must consider the impact of counselor efficacy and multicultural competency  on our ability to connect and engage with a client. 
Consider both linear and nonlinear ways of incorporating cultural sensitivity in counseling. What type of linear or nonlinear approaches would a level I (novice counselor), II (moderately experienced counselor), or III counselor (expert counselor) demonstrate? What might a level I, II, or III counselor ask from a linear approach? From a nonlinear approach? In order to help capture unique examples of liner and nonlinear approaches for various levels of counselor developmental stages you are encouraged to explore a particular ethnic group. 
Important Fact: National Hispanic Heritage Month is 9/15-10/15!

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