(5 questions(each 200)) Cryptography (background about basic concepts and how it is useful in information security)

Here is the individual assignment for Cryptography. 
The purpose of this self-learning assignment is to give you a background about basic cryptography concepts and how it is useful in information security.
To get to know more about the history of Cryptography, you can watch the movie the Imitation Game
Please answer the following questions (approx 150 – 200 words for each question, for question 5 – explain each subsection)
Upload the assignments to the blackboard assignments section in PDF Format (with your names mentioned in the assignment document)
Assignment Questions:
1.What is Cryptography? How cryptography is essential for Information Security and securing our online activities? (5 points)
2.Explain Cipher and key, in reference to classic cryptography. (5 points)
3.Explain Symmetric Key Cryptography. (5 points)
4.Explain public-key cryptography? (5 points)
5. Explain the differences between: (5 Points for each subsection – Just acronym expansion is not sufficient)
a.FTP and SFTP
c.SSL and TLS
d. SSH and Telnet

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