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5 and 6

5 and 6.  5. [2 marks] Can we do better than this? Recall that the human player is at some fixed location (px, py). Your task is to work out how you would sort the array A so that those enemy AIs that need to be marked can be identified in log(N) time. Specifically, complete the following comparison function that would be used while sorting the array A. Here, (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) are two points from the array A. The function should return true if it considers the first point to be less than or equal to the second, and should return false otherwise. Your function can use the player’s coordinate (px, py) as global variables, i.e. you are allowed to refer to px and py in your function. 2 function LessOrEqualTo((x1, y1),(x2, y2)) . . . 6. [3 marks] Now, supposing the array has been sorted using your comparison function, implement an algorithm whose worst case complexity is in Θ(log(N)) that determines which array elements should be marked. Your function should take the bound b as an argument, and may also take the player’s coorinates (px, py). 

5 and 6

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