A forensic unit within a federal crime lab has been tasked with the investigation of an individual who is suspected of the manufacturing, transportation, and sale of illegal fireworks explosives. Upon responding to a fire at the suspect’s house, firefighters discover 2.5 tons of explosives, and therefore, put out the fire from a distance. When investigators arrive on the scene, several networked computers, PDAs, cell phones, and laptops are found in an upstairs office. As junior investigators, they are unsure of how the fourth and fifth amendments will affect their investigation, search warrants, and the ultimate seizure of these devices. In addition, they are unsure of the standard operating procedures for processing computer evidence within the first and fourth amendments’ governance, so AB Investigative Services (ABIS) has been contracted to provide guidance in these areas.

Provide a 4–6 page document in Word describing:

the forensics procedures to collect, and process forensic evidence from these devices while following the fourth and fifth amendment guidelines.

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