4 Secret Tips For Writing an Argumentative Essay

A statement is persuasive and credible either because it is directly self-evident or because it appears to be proved from other statements that are so.
The ability to write an argumentative essay properly is not inherent, it can be developed. A well-reasoned essay contains arguments and convinces the person who reads it of its correctness. Argumentative essay includes a comprehensive discussion of the issue, as well as weighty arguments that can convince the reader that the author’s viewpoint is right.

Find Out the Goal
The aim of this composition type is to thoroughly speculate about an issue. In such an essay, it is necessary to study all aspects of the matter under discussion, and consider all possible viewpoints. Here, you must clearly set your point of view, explain it and draw conclusions. The ultimate goal is to convince others that your opinion is right.
Use These Elements of an Argumentative Essay


Before you start working on an argumentative essay, you need to analyze various aspects of the problem to lead the reader to an obvious and logical agreement. It is a nice idea to read about the existing points of view on this topic and mentioned various assumptions that do not coincide with yours (counterarguments).


Discuss the thesis with a friend or colleague (it is advisable that your interlocutor has other speculation). This will help you to sharpen your argumentation and give new opinions in support of your main idea.

Target Audience

Evaluate your target audience. When writing an argumentative essay, it is vital to understand who it is intended for. Whether it is a college assignment or you are writing for a much wider audience, the one should consider his audience, as this will help you to provide more effective arguments. The level of education, profession and life experience affect how people perceive a different viewpoint, thus when writing an essay, it is always a nice idea to take into account these differences.

Choose a Good Topic

Select the appropriate theme. Remember that an argumentative essay defends a certain point of view. Thus, pick up the matter that is widely talked about. For instance, you are unlikely to write a strong argumentative essay about the benefits of fitness, because this topic does not raise any objections.
When choosing a topic, consider five basic elements: the text itself (in this case it’s an essay), the author (in this case it’s you), the audience, the pursued goal and the attendant situation. Rhetoric implies the appropriate language and speech building, aimed at convincing people. Since the aim of the argumentary essay is to convince the reader of the correctness of the author’s opinion, the one should adhere to the rules of rhetoric.
Follow the Structure of the Argumentative Essay Outline
The structure of the strong argumentative essay includes a headline, introduction, thesis, arguments, and conclusion.
Think of an eye-catching headline. The creative and original heading will grab reader’s attention, and he will read your essay. A successful title gives the reader an idea what is the article about. In scientific articles, for instance, headings often consist of two parts separated by a colon.
Write the introduction. This section should briefly explain the topic under consideration and explain the current situation by familiarizing the reader with the subject of the discussion. The introduction should end with the thesis.
Outline the thesis. This is a brief statement of your views on the issue. As a rule, the thesis completes the introductory part of the essay. Having become acquainted with the main thesis, the reader will be more prepared to perceive the following text.
The thesis should be concise and clear. It contains the essence of the article and explains its importance. The thesis is a laconic statement. This statement can relate to the definitions (for example, concerning the unsuccessful definition of a particular term or idea), a causal relationship (for instance, to establish a connection between various events or phenomena), and so on.
An example of a strong thesis: “The growing consumption of meat in developed countries is one of the main causes of environmental pollution, and thus contributes significantly to global warming.” This thesis is about the cause-effect relationship and relates to a controversial and rather narrow issue. Such a thesis will help to build a strong argumentative essay. An example of a weak thesis: “Pollution of the environment is a serious problem.” This thesis is poor, as there are few people who disagree with this statement. In addition, the stated topic is too extensive. It is impossible to discuss all aspects of environmental pollution in one small essay.
By using your argumentative skills, write your arguments and be persuasive. Make sure to include counterarguments (ideas that are contrary to your position), and explain why your point of view is more logical (for example, ideas that contradict with yours are based on outdated information).
Now, let’s talk about conclusion. This part of the composition is very important, as it allows the writer to showcase his position towards the problem and convince the reader to agree.

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