4-5 pages not double space.

Ted talk video:

When you write your analysis use your text book and notes from class to analyze the speech. Terms and concepts from your text book must be used throughout your paper.
Include the following:

Speakers Name.
Date and Time.*
Why is the speaker of interest to you? What did you know about the speaker? Include a brief biography of the speaker.
Describe the setting of the speech. How did the setting influence the speaker and the audience?*
Analyze the audience using the terms and concepts from the text.
Describe AND critique the speaker’s delivery (both verbal and nonverbal) and the remaining five canons of rhetoric: invention, disposition, style, memory.
Identify the structure the speaker used. What was the speaker’s attention grabbing device, thesis/main idea, signpoints (such as “next,” “in the first case,” etc.), organization (topical, chronological, spatial, etc.).
Analyze the rhetorical devices the speaker used: ethos, pathos, logos.
Analyze any informative or persuasive strategies the speaker used.
Did the speaker use any fallacies of argument?

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