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Value stream mapping is a qualitative lean systems tool aimed at eliminating waste (muda) in many manufacturing processes. Value stream mapping is useful because it creates a visual map of every process involved in the flow of materials and information in a product’s value chain (worth of operations).
Using the example of a value stream map in Table 6.1 (in Chapter 6 of the course textbook), produce a value stream map of the company AMAZON to research for your final project. (You may focus on a specific product line or division within the company.) In similar chart form, be sure to include each of the eight types of waste and how they apply to your selected company. You may use the textbook information and any outside sources identified in your research so far to inform your response. 

There are many different formats of chart mapping so just Google “ Value stream chart mapping” you can use MS-Visio, SmartArt Graphics, MS-Excel has a flowchart symbols as well as MS-Word or as the assignment states you can use MS-PowerPoint, but the other programs are a lot easier in my opinion.
What to submit/ have to do:
You are starting at the beginning of the flow of materials and information and tracing its path through the complete system, i.e. to the end customer/user, example from raw materials through work in progress to warehousing, shipping to the end customer/user.  Therefore you are/have to analyzing the processes through the whole/complete system/organization and creating a flow chart that depicts value added process/activities and where the waste is that decreases value, identify and recommend where improvements can be made. The goal is an effective and efficient system, i.e. the collection of all of the process through the whole system including the movement of all information, i.e. logistics
NOTE if you are providing a service for a customer you would not have materials and/or a tangible end product but you are delivering an intangible product so your value stream mapping would be skewed to the flow of information
What to Submit
Title page/cover sheet
Create a detailed value stream map that shows the present value stream of the company or a specific production line or division of the company
Using the table 6.1 as guide identify and discuss the eight types of waste listed for the current state that are specifically related to your current value stream map.
Create a detailed value stream map that shows the future value stream after the improvements you have identified, and recommended have been implemented.
Written report (MS-Word), that analyzes your present value stream, identifies bottlenecks and/or waste with your reasoning/explanation of why you consider them a bottleneck and/or waste.  Based on your analysis, what improvements are you recommending and how are you going to implement those improvements

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