3 individual reports (one page each)! due today

I have 3 individual  one page lab reports for a biology class and it can be about any aspect of biology. 
The requirements for the page is:
Research articles usually contain 5 sections and may contain subsections.  The sections are: 
1.  Abstract – this is a very brief summary of the paper 
2.  Introduction – background information and why the research is important 
3.  Materials and Methods – the procedures used by the researchers 
4.  Results – the results of the study 
5.  Discussion – what the results mean and the significance of the study 
1- The article that is used to summarize must be 9 or more pages in total length. 
2- Only peer reviewed journals may be used as sources of articles to summarize
3- Examples of journals that can be used: PLOS ONE, Biological Bulletin, Marine Biology, 
American Naturalist, Plant Physiology, Auk, Cell, Journal of Experimental Biology, (((Examples of magazines that cannot be used: National Geographic, Discover, Scientific 
American, Popular Science, Science News, American Scientist, anything published by the 
BBC, and more – popular science publications)))
_Format and length :
–  Double spaced, except for the article citation 
–  12 point font, 1 inch margins, 1 to 2 pages
–  Use .doc, .docx, or .odt file formats
– No title page
– The top of the first page should be the citation of the article under review
– Citations should be written as a bibliographic reference:  
Author(s).  Year.  Title.  Journal Volume: page numbers.   
–  After the citation, double space then your name
– After your name, double space then your review

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