Your reflection journal this week will assist you in continuing to develop your Philosophy of Nursing Statement 

In this week’s journal, begin thinking about the theoretical foundation(s) important to your philosophy of nursing and how your new experiences and knowledge shape your personal nursing philosophy. Be sure to address the following components:

Theoretical Foundation(s): Highlight the theoretical foundations that are important in your philosophy of nursing practice. You may have one or several. How do these foundations translate into your practice?

Experiences: Evaluate how new experiences and knowledge shape your nursing philosophy. Specifically, you should address the following:

How have your RN-BSN coursework, this capstone, and other experiences influenced how you view your nursing practice?
What role does self-reflection play in personal and professional transformation?
How do activities like the Change Proposal help you develop as a lifelong learner and act as an agent of change in improving both personal and professional practice?

In addition, you may want to discuss challenges that you have faced and what you would change or do differently in addressing those challenges, since the ability to effectively and creatively solve problems is a highly valued job skill.

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