3-5 Page Essay

Due April 18, by midnight.  3-5 pages. Essay form, double space, with a meaningful title (not “Paper #2”), and a clear point of view.  Please use direct quotations (at least two) from course texts and specific details from films shown in class to make your points.  Appropriate texts and films for this assignment include Empire of the Sun (film and text), Lust/Caution, “Sealed Off”, “Shanghai Ghetto,” refugee and detainee memoirs, and the article on Shanghai lilong preservation.
Here’s the question:
For at least 150 years, Shanghai has been a destination for people from many other places.  Some of these people eventually made their home in Shanghai.   At the same time, people whose families have lived in Shanghai for generations may describe others as “outsiders.”  This is not simply a distinction between “Chinese” and “foreigners.”  Compare the similarities and differences between how “insiders”  and “outsiders” have experienced Shanghai during the period from the mid-nineteenth century up to the Maoist period.

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