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Tim O’Brien’s stories take place in Vietnam, which of course is far away from America, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t see his attitude about his country. For this response, what is O’Brien’s belief about America and what it stands for? Use the characters as your guide—what do they say, do, how do they respond to each other and the war. Incorporate specific examples and explanations into your responses. Have a clear thesis and support it.

Choose 1-2 story from the list and analysis:
“The Things they Carried”  
“On the Rainy River”  https://www.wswheboces.org/resources/views/Filing_cabinet/filing_cabinet_files/1492593097_Unit%202b%20On%20a%20Rainy%20River%20text.pdf
“How to Tell a True War Story” 
“The Man I Killed” 
“Speaking of Courage” 
“The Lives of the Dead” 
“In the Field”

1. simple english
2. no outside resource
3. MLA citation
4. third person
5. create a well-supported argument with examples and a clear explanation of how your points support the thesis of the response.

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