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  Project rollout begins after a project has been implemented, tested, and judged stable and functional enough to be moved into production. The project rollout process comprises of specific steps that must be scheduled carefully to enable the project to hit production deadlines and meet business expectations. For this assignment you will create an implementation project plan that outlines the steps involved in implementing your project. This document is sometimes called a work-back schedule because you begin with the date that your project needs to go live, and then work back from there to determine what needs to be done when. You will also conduct a post-mortem on the work you have submitted to date. Post-mortem (from the Latin for “after death,”), when referred to it in a….

Kellogg’s Company

Kellogg’s Company Introduction Kellogg began as the Battle Creek toasted Corn Flakes Company in 1906 by W.K.Kellogg. The company was the first to introduce the ready to eat breakfast cereal in the United States. The worldwide expansion of the company began in 1914. By 1938 Kellogg’s had established itself in the European and Australian markets. After W.K.Kellogg’s death in 1951 the company started factories in Asia and Latin America. The company continued its foray into the other businesses even as it bought out the vegetarian-based food company Worthington foods in 1999. It also took over the operations of the company of the organic-foods company Kashi foods in 2000 and the snack-leader Keebler foods in 2001. In a bid to reach out to a whole new customer base the….

theatre essay

Please write in the space provided and on the backs of these pages.   Choose two of the four essay questions, one for each play, supporting your argument with specific information from the play.    

1.      Moliere’s Tartuffe is a comedy, but was condemned and criticized by Seventeenth  Century leaders of the Catholic Church.  Please discuss specific examples of elements in         the play you believe some audience members might consider unfunny, offensive and         worthy of condemnation.

2.      The complete title of Moliere’s most famous play is Tartuffe, ou l’Imposteur, or in      English, Tartuffe, or the Imposter.  But in the play, and in academic criticism, the title       character is referred to as a hypocrite.  Explain the difference between a hypocrite and an      imposter, relating these ideas to Tartuffe, the character.


reflection paper

   HUMA 1302—Humanities II Course Reflection Paper Following the prompts below, write a 750-word (minimum) reflection paper on what we have studied in this class. Discuss the following areas in the context of the course content and theme. You are supposed to use your textbook (if you have one for the course), lecture notes, and any assigned readings as your sources. You are not supposed to do other research. Parts of the paper are subjective paper, so you may use “I” in your paper.  · Discuss how the course has affected your world view of the term “culture/community.” · Compare and contrast two different cultures/communities discussed in the course. · Connect what you have learned in this course to previous learning and life experiences. Include how you use….

English Composition 1 NEED BY 07/12/2018 3PM

  Read p. 142-147 of your textbook on Narrative Writing.   DESCRIPTION OF ASSIGNMENT: View the following resources before starting this assignment:

Effective essay writing (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Effective Essay Writing: Introductions (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Essay Writing Template

 Respond to one of the prompts in the green box on p. 147 in a fully developed five-paragraph essay. Choose one that resonates with you. The essay must include an introduction with a three point thesis, body, and conclusion. Follow MLA manuscript format. Use the Strategy Checklist on p. 165-166 and the Essay Writing Document as your guides. CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS

Place your name, date, title of course (ENG 101 or ENG 102), and my name in the top left corner….