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Understanding Race

Directions Answer the following questions in your own words.

What is racial profiling? Provide examples of how law enforcement, government officials and/or ordinary citizens use racial profiling in the aftermath of 9/11. (review Arizona case). How might the contact hypothesis remedy profiling?    Discuss various ethnocentric practices historically used by those in power that have contributed to prejudicial attitudes towards racial and minority groups. What is the social construction of race? Provide a symbolic interactionist perspective. How can this concept (social construction of race) be applied to Americans from multiple racial backgrounds? Define the term model minority. Discuss which minority group is perceived as living up to that image. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of being a model minority.

Remember to remove the question from your assignment (just number….


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the answer does not have to be long at all the question just has to be answered “Hackers and Cyber Criminal Organizations”  Please respond to the following:

From the first and second e-Activities, explain the hacker ethic and hacker manifesto. Give your opinion as to why hackers do not consider….

Youth Unemployment in South Africa: Reasons, Costs and Solutions

Introduction – A description of the question: “What are the causes of youth unemployment? ” A high employment rate among the people of a nation promotes a spirit of dignity, independence, achievement and innovation – it isn’t only about earning a form of income. In stark contrast, unemployment in South Africa is accompanied by social troubles such as violence, poverty, a loss of morale, crime, social degradation and political disengagement. Furthermore, the reason why youth unemployment is such a large concern is that a high youth unemployment rate shows that the youth waiting to be employed aren’t gaining the necessary skills or experience needed to further advance the economy, which then prevents the country’s economic development and forces a greater liability on the government to provide social support…..


    Review the mission and vision statements provided:

Mission: To improve health by providing high-quality care. Vision: Provide the highest level of service in the county. Mission: To improve health by providing high-quality care. Vision: Provide the broadest range of services in the county. Mission: To be deeply committed to the communities we serve, we enhance population health and well-being. Vision: Deliver an exceptional experience with every encounter.

Select the most appropriate mission and vision statement for the hospital described in your Week One assignment. Write a 700- to 1,050-word executive summary that includes the following:

Identify the mission and vision selected. Explain the rationale for why you selected the mission and vision statements. 

Identify the specific strengths of the mission and vision statement selected. Identify the weaknesses….

Writing assignment

A well-developed resume remains an essential element of successfully obtaining a job.   This is a multi-part assignment. Part 1: Conduct resarch and write a 1 page paper. Instructions include:

Online Job Search – Conduct an online job search and identify a position you might be interested in applying for.   In your paper, discuss your online search and how you went about finding the position. Also, describe the job and how your background matches the requirements of the position. (Minimum length of 1 page).

[Notes:  If you’re in the military and have no plans of discharging in the near future, focus on a civilian job that you would like to transition into following your military career.  If your circumstances do not allow you to work, consider volunteer….

main discussion W-5

Go to page 98 of your recommended textbook and familiarize yourself with the CASE STUDY 4-2 tagged Social Networking: How Does IBM Do It? You can thereafter discuss and give answers to the following questions based on the case study:

1. How might My developerWorks leverage changes in the way people work? 2. Why do you think Alice Chou carefully monitors the My developerWorks site? What would be an example of an insight she would gain from the data she’s collecting?

3. Why do you think Alice Chou thinks a rewards program is necessary for My developerWorks because so many profiles have already been developed. Do you agree that a reward would be necessary?

I am aware that all students have a Grammarly account. I, therefore, request you….

Death Dying and Grief

Please follow directions or I will dispute!!

 As a result of experiences with loss and grief, each of us develops our own unique style of dealing with these issues.  Understanding your attitudes, values, assumptions, beliefs, reactions, and unfinished business (if any) is an important task of self-awareness.  The goal of this assignment is to facilitate your reflection about how these issues present themselves and relate to your personal coping style as well as your interactions with others coping with loss and grief.

Part 1: Construct a time line which represents the loss events in your life, including non-death related losses such as loss of dreams, loss of job, loss of home, etc.  You can begin by making a list of items, starting with your earliest memory and working….

Dead Poets Society and Individualism

Preston Herring English 200 February 6, 2013 Dead Poet’s Society and Individualism In the movie, Dead Poet’s Society, it conveys the thought of individualism and how it can impact your life as a whole in detail. The many conflicts that the characters face throughout the movie demonstrate how the thought of thinking for one’s self is shameful and how being different and sticking out from the crowd is looked down upon. Neil Parry’s suicide for instance illustrates the consequences that can happen when someone’s individual thoughts and feelings are not listened to and authority’s tradition is allowed to prevail against individualism. On the other hand the triumph of the individual thoughts and beliefs may sometimes have a positive outcome like in the case of Knox Overstreet. When Knox….

world literature

Week 9 Instructions Shahnameh Starts on page 197, Volume B Choose one of the following for your reading response:

Working from this epic, and reflecting on the others we have read so far, how would you define the warrior ethos (or the heroic ideal) in Ferdowsi’s Shanameh? How is the work different from the earlier texts with regard to that ideal? Find one or two passages in the work that seem to crystallize the overall meaning or value of the work for you; or, that seem especially interesting for the imagery, wisdom, rhetorical power, or other memorable quality. Quote and defend your choice in a few sentences. Browse one or more critical works in the library databases. Quote one passage from the critical work, and in a few….

Business prospects

A manager must use reliable information generated through techniques called cost-volume-profit analysis in determining which business prospects to pursue. One must have a clear understanding of cost behaviors before being able to effectively utilize these techniques, otherwise the information provided may be erroneous, and consequently not a good basis for decision making. A common mistake most managers make is treating mixed costs as fixed costs. Mixed costs are composed of both variable and fixed cost components and should be broken down to such. The techniques commonly used sort these components are the high-low method, the scatter diagram and the least-squares regression analysis (cliffsnotes. com). The high-low method uses the data from the highest and lowest levels activity for the given period and computes for the difference. The difference….