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Provide background information on the public health issue and explain why it is relevant and/or prevalent. They will also determine if some of the factors discussed throughout the course (i.e. urbanization, vulnerable populations, health disparities, social determinants of health, public health ethics, health literacy, etc.) were major factors in the development and implementation of the intervention that they choose to highlight. The presentation can be in any form including, but not limited to, a PowerPoint presentation, a Prezi, a website, a video recording, etc.  The presentation should highlight the most important parts of your paper. The presentation part of this assignment is worth 45 points.  The final paper should include an introduction to your public health topic, and its prevalence in society. It should also include information about the intervention that you chose as well as information on the success….


Happy New year, Tutors. I need some assistance with the items listed below. Please read thoroughly before accepting bid. I have attached how part 2 of it should be done. Thank you for your assistance.

Part 1:  User Story Points and Team Velocity User story points are critical for estimating the schedule and cost of a SCRUM project. For this discussion:

Define what user story points are, and explain how they are determined. Provide at least four examples of user stories (these can come from your weekly SCRUM Project).  Estimate the points of each example, and explain why you provided the estimate you did.  Describe how team velocity is estimated. Explain how user story points are used in project management, and how they relate to the team’s velocity.


Short Story Essay- Effective Guide

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Remember that a short story essay isn’t just about estimating your writing abilities yet it likewise acknowledges how well you realize the writing work. Great narrating follows a specific structure, in story writing, we consider it a plot and this is the thing that you have to focus on while writing a short story essay. Prepared to begin writing? Here is a portion of the helpful hints….

visual argument

In this project, you will make an argument using both text and images.   Assignment Instructions Using piktochart.com, compose an infographic that makes the argument you made in Project 4. Since you will have limited space to work with, you should think carefully about the most important points you need to make. Be sure to avoid including long passages of text. You should rely on images to communicate your message. As you design the infographic, think about the way that elements of design such as color, font, and arrangement contribute to your argument. BE CREATIVE.  Submission Instructions Download the infographic as a .png 

Evaluation Infographic Content:

Does the infographic make a clear argument based on appropriate content? Does the infographic utilize both images and text to make the argument?




Original work only, Must pass SafeAssign!  1st topic-200 words 2nd paper- 4-5 pages 3rd paper- 5-6 pages 

“Police Ethics”  Please respond to the following: (200 words)

Read the article titled “Ethical Defensibility: Should an Officer’s ‘Willingness to Deceive’ Result in Automatic Certification Revocation?” located here. You may also view the article here. Next, determine at least two (2) major issues that law enforcement administrators should take into consideration as they relate to officers’ ethical behavior and the willingness to deceive. Justify your response.

  Assignment 1: The Big Stage!

In the United States, both the federal government and the states have authority to indict for criminal wrongdoing. The federal government and each state have their own criminal statutes, court system, prosecutors, and police agencies. Use your textbook, the Internet,….



  Levy Family Episode 5 Levy Family Episode 5 Program Transcript FEMALE SPEAKER: It was such an intense story. I just kept seeing things the way he did, you know. The weird green of his night-vision goggles, his sergeant screaming for Jake to kill him. I just keep seeing it all in my head. [MUSIC PLAYING] MALE SPEAKER: Why, do you think? FEMALE SPEAKER: Why what? MALE SPEAKER: Why do you think you keep thinking about this story, this particular case? FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t know, maybe because it’s so vivid. You know, I went home last night, turned on the TV to try to get my mind off it. And a commercial for the Marines came on, and there was all over again– the explosion, the….

6 disscusion forum

need a total of 6 discussion forums 3-4 paragraphs each

1- Week Two Discussion 1  What are the characteristics of information that affect quality? What are examples of each?

2- Week Two Discussion 2  Why are ERP systems important to organizations? What are the typical components of an ERP system?

3- Week Three Discussion 1 What are examples of statistical techniques that managers can use to simulate business situations, optimize variables, and forecast sales or other figures?

4- Week Three Discussion 2 What are the five Web 2.0 technologies that facilitate collaboration? What features does each technology provide?

5- Week Four Discussion 1  What is intellectual property (IP)? What are the information ethics associated with IP?

6- Week Four Discussion 2  Why is human behavior often the weakest….

Unit 1 case study Legal in EMS

Unit I Case Study Review the following two Side Bar scenarios in your textbook and choose one for the basis of your assignment: Considering Malpractice (p. 7) or EMT Response and Motor Vehicle Law (p. 13). NOTE: You will continue to use this same scenario in Unit III and IV as the basis for a course project that concludes in Unit VII. For this assignment, pretend you are the aide for a defense attorney representing the EMS agency in the selected case. You will need to analyze the scenario and prepare a brief for the attorney on your findings. (If you choose the second case, the subject in the scenario should not be taken in the first-person context, but rather just as an EMT provider.) Consider the scenario….


For the most part, our memories serve us well, allowing us to make sense of our past and present world. In fact, and according to Loftus (2003), we are the sum of our memories; what we have thought, what we have been told, and what we believe. Not only are we shaped by our memories, but our memories are shaped by who we are. Loftus argues that we “seem to reinvent our memories, and in doing so, we become the person of our own imagination” (p. 872). Loftus argues that memories are malleable and subject to distortion and suggestion. She makes the following observations about eyewitness accounts of crimes: Misinformation can influence people’s memories when they are in a suggestive fashion or when they talk to other people….

Love: How Is It?

Amrita Sarkar English 1B 19th September 2012 Love: How Is It? Life has lots of emotions: happiness, sorrow, guilt, frustration, love, and so on. Love is the one emotion which brings in huge changes in our lives and a different kind of emotion begins with it. How can we describe it? Describing love is very hard because in every phase of life, characterization of love can be varied. In childhood, through romantic films and stories, we started to get feeling that love is passionate and when people will be going through it, life would be full of happiness. In adulthood, people’s perception about love might change. Those who are fantasizing about love realized that it is not only about physical attraction but also about relationship, responsibilities and companionship…..