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B6025P wk2 assignment brilliant answers

  Sometimes social influences and societal pressures can influence  decision making for the better and sometimes for the worse. In addition  to these pressures, there are risks that need to be evaluated and  measured when making decisions. In this assignment, you will reflect on  decisions you made using social influence, persuasion, and risk taking  that went awry. Examine a time when you were involved in decision making that went  awry as a result of protocols, social norms, or persuasive techniques.  If you do not want to use an example from your business or personal  experience, you can select a journal article on which you can base your  assignment. Here are some key words to help you find an article for this  assignment:

Decision making Risk taking Persuasion Social….

Rules and Conventions of Academic Writing

Objective: Apply conventions of academic writing to a variety of texts and styles. As a music teacher and an owner of a private music tutoring business, it is important to know how to write and speak in a different context. Knowing how words that surround the main idea impacts that Idea. In writing a letter, it is important to know your audience, the institution to which you are addressing, and the accepted norms of the time. To understand the contexts and style one must look at some context clues. These are definition/explanation, synonyms (restatement), contrast/antonym, inference and punctuation? With the definition clue, this is where a word or a phrase is used and its meaning is understood immediately after its use. A restatement or synonym is used in….

520 paper

Please follow directions and rubric-  Targeted teaching or instructional interventions are activities teachers use to help a classroom, a small group, or individual student become successful in their classwork. They are based on students’ needs and support students in meeting educational objectives. A big part of the targeted teaching process involves closely monitoring student progress through ongoing data collection. As a classroom teacher, you will be expected to provide targeted teaching interventions for all students. Over the next few topics, your assignments will include using your field experience hours to work with your mentor teacher to create a pre-assessment, develop support activities, and report learning outcomes for a targeted literacy or mathematics teaching intervention for one pre-selected student. For this assignment, create a handout of resources that, as….

Module 2

Module 2 – Case DIMENSIONS OF CULTURE Assignment Overview In this module you will propose a plan for your intercultural experience and have it approved by your professor. A “pre-experience outline” is provided to assist you in your planning. This is what your professor will use in assuring that your proposal meets the training parameters for this Case. Case Assignment Submit a 2- to 3-page proposal describing your cultural experience. Your proposal should address the following questions:

 Intended contact culture group

What is the identified culture group with which you are planning to have contact? Be specific. Provide a brief description of any contact you have previously had with this group. Briefly explain why this target group qualifies as a culture group.

Intended new cultural activity

Briefly describe….

Provide a brief summary of the topic of the article.

For this task, you will read three news articles intended for a general audience reporting the results from correlational studies. You can find the links to these articles under your weekly resources. For each of the articles, you will answer the following questions and provide justifications for your answers:

Provide a brief summary of the topic of the article. Determine which variables are the focus of the research. Describe how the results of the correlational analyses are presented. Does the author of the article present the results as causal? In other words, does the author make statements that one variable causes the other? Can you think of any additional variables that were not included in this study that may be important to consider?  Please describe the variables. Based….

Blood Donation

Imagine a happy healthy teen. He does well in school and is easy to get along with. Imagine he is diagnosed with leukemia and requires daily platelet and blood transfusions just to stay alive. Now, imagine he has a rare blood type that requires him to be moved to a larger hospital for treatment. This is just another thing for him and his family to worry about. Similar stories happen every day in the United States. It is estimated that every three seconds a patient in the U. S needs a blood transfusion. Donated blood saves 4. 5 million lives in America each year. Yet only 5% of the eligible U. S population donates blood in any given year. This is a sad fact considering healthy donors are the….

Economic Advisement Paper

There is a large statistic which shows that people between the ages of 16 to 24 are he most affected by long-term unemployment. Due to age, experience, and long periods of time being unemployed when looking for a Job, these people get over looked This is also because there is almost always someone out there that has more experience and above the age of 25. There are some long-term effects that are caused mostly in thanks to the long term of unemployment from “ballooning student loan debt and fail to save adequately for retirement” (Erasers, 2013). Even with all the increase in unemployment over the past few months America has seen a decrease in the percentage of unemployment (Erasers, 2013). Expectations In the current state of our economy,….


  Working with Communities to Design Public Health Interventions Designing interventions to serve communities is the heart of public health practice. Community level models and frameworks suggest strategies and initiatives that are planned and led by organizations and infrastructures. Their mission is to promote and improve health including, but not limited to, schools, worksites, healthcare organizations, community groups, and government agencies. Public health workers must work with these agencies and organizations to promote the best practices for public health. Using the readings for this module, the Internet, and the Argosy University online library resources, respond to one of the following questions:

How does population or community-based health promotion differ from traditional presentations provided by guest speakers in schools or community events?


What does “picking your battles” mean….

week 8 PowerPoint


Week 8:  Capstone PowerPoint Presentation The PowerPoint Presentation (Approximately 20 slides), is a summary of the Capstone Project, and is presented to a select group of organizational leaders/managers. The intent of the presentation is to alert this group to the organization’s identified need and your program proposal. The PowerPoint will include a clear and concise purpose statement, project implementation, analysis, and proposal, and a summary. Include notes in the Notes Section to explain your slides. Remember, this is a professional presentation and should not include unnecessary distractions, such as too many pictures or humor. Make sure the background selected for the PowerPoint does not impair audience viewing.

Submit the PowerPoint Presentation. Be sure to cite all resources and provide a reference page for each source used. Review two….

Accounting Manual vs. Computer Accounting Systems

Accounting is importance in every company since it is a tool that is used in making decisions for the company and it’s used to reveal the performance of the organizations in terms of its financial and management information to the government and public users. Accounting is categorized in two that is the manual and the computerized system. The process of ensuring that the transactions of a business are correctly carried out is called accounting cycle. Accounting cycle is the process whereby the transactions of a business are recognized then later recorded in the books of accounts this is a continuous process since the business carries out its activities daily. This process involves identifying a transaction, then preparing the transactions source documents such as purchase order or invoice. The accountant….