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NO PLAGARISM!!!!! This is an assessment.

1. Which of the following parts of the kidney is actually an expansion of the upper end of the ureter?    a. Renal pelvis    b. renal medulla    c. renal cortex    d. calyx

2. The tube that carries the urine out of the body is called the ____________.    a. urethra    b. collecting tube    c. trigone    d. ureter

3. The tube that carries urine out of the kidney is called ______.    a. uretha    b. collecting tube    c. ureter    d. bladder

4. Which pair of chromosomes would result in the birth of a male?    a. XX    b. XY    c. YY    d. XZ

5. What are the three processes necessary for the formation of urine?    a. intake, concentration, and output    b. chemical, muscular, and neural action    c…..

Category of staff within BIFHE

The CEO and department Managers of BIFHE would use strategic information in making decisions that affect the whole organisation and its future. These decisions will tend to be long term, with reference to sales and budget history and may involve large amounts of money being spent. They may include issues like investment, new markets, suppliers or products and expansion of facilities. The senior management team of BIFHE would chiefly be concerned with sales and budget performance reports showing profitability for each department, with a view to forecasting future trends etc. In an organisation like BIFHE the information would probably need to be accurate to the nearest i?? 1000. This information would need to be highly secure as it would be very useful for competitors, and if corrupted could….

Swot Analysis of Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola has enormous distribution and production facilities of non-alcoholic beverages and related products. 6. Joint venture with Nestle has resulted in the formation of Beverage Partners Worldwide (BP). 7. The company has strong financial position and profits throughout the history. Its average ROE (return on equity) for the past five ears is 37. 8% whereas its ROCCO (return on capital) is 33. 6%. 8. Coca-Cola has the heavy advertising and promoting activities. 9. More than 70 percent of revenue comes from outside the United States. 10. Enormous number of loyal customers and brand equity all over the world. Weaknesses 1. New coke formula leading too backlash which results in bad image of coke. 2. The company is facing high burden of external debts for the last few years…..

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been Versus Smooth Talk

The saying goes the only difference between a tragedy and a comedy is the ending. Meaning no matter how tragic or comedic a story begins, the ending is what determines what type of story was told (thus what genre it falls in). This concept of endings is greatly exemplified through the comparison of the short story Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been by Joyce Carol Oates and the film the story was based on called Smooth Talk. Both works contain an abundance of similarities but, due to slight yet critical changes made, the two stories become very different in their underlying themes/genre. The two stories differ in aspects such as (obviously) the title, character traits (i. e. June), certain plot details and most importantly the endings…..

Intangible Resources

The intangible resources of Singapore airlines are crucial to the successful entry of the airline in South America. These resources are direct links to the strategies developed, applied, and continuously enhanced by SIA. Singapore Airlines has a strong positive reputation as one of the best airlines in the world. It established this position by its ability to fulfill its strategic objectives. SIA adopted an integrated competitive strategy combining service differentiation through its excellent service and innovativeness and cost leadership through cost-effective operations. SIA also has a strong brand with high customer recognition. Since the start of the company in 1972, it has always strived to be different as one of the best airlines. It took a leadership stand in industry innovation. The message of its brand is “Singapore….

Nursing assessment.

Alzheimer’s Disease 76-year-old Iranian Male

BACKGROUND Mr. Akkad is a 76 year old Iranian male who is brought to your office by his eldest son for “strange behavior.” Mr. Akkad was seen by his family physician who ruled out any organic basis for Mr. Akkad’s behavior. All laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests (including CT-scan of the head) were normal. According to his son, he has been demonstrating some strange thoughts and behaviors for the past two years, but things seem to be getting worse. Per the client’s son, the family noticed that Mr. Akkad’s personality began to change a few years ago. He began to lose interest in religious activities with the family and became more “critical” of everyone. They also noticed that things he used to take….

Parenting and Substance Abuse

  As a social worker, you will meet children and adolescents who are in complicated family situations and may require a variety of resources for support. There are many times when these situations involve drug abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, and/or neglect. If these factors are present within a child’s or adolescent’s environment, it will impact their development. As mandated reporters, social workers are legally required to report any suspicion they have of child abuse or neglect to local authorities in an effort to ensure a healthier environment within which they can grow. For this Discussion, review the case study “Working With Clients With Addictions: The Case of Barbara and Jonah.” Consider this week’s reading in the Learning Resources

 An explanation of influences of Barbara’s addiction on Jonah’s….

Research Communication: Cover page, abstract, purpose statement, qualification statement, progress report memo, annotated bibliography

   Unit 4:  Research Communication


Start where you left off in part two of the Everyday Communication Unit, in which you were asked to write a persuasive memo based on an idea you would like to see implemented in your job (e.g., a way to increase productivity, improve service, increase business, or improve working conditions).  For that assignment, you wrote a routine miscellaneous memo requesting action and persuading your audience that your idea is worthwhile.  Now, your audience – the person, people, department, etc. with the power to approve the project – has responded that they are intrigued and would like to begin a more formal process toward implementing your idea. Planning Proposals are common in professional or corporate environments where supervisors may ask an employee to….

What is the importance of Costumer relationships and sales in the banking sector?

INTRODUCTION As the competition in the banking sector is continuing to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many banks to achieve growth as before. Facing fierce competition from both customary brick and motor operations and the emerging internet banks, banks fail to meet performance expectations due to poor understanding of their customer’s needs, not making the most of their staff and most importantly tend to not respond to new sales opportunities. Banks that will be able to overcome these challenges are the ones that most likely will thrive and prosper into the future, this paper examines the importance of good implementation of customer relationship management in retail banking, and how it can deliver increased revenues and cost savings that will drive profitability and shareholder value while dealing….

Problem Solving


In week one, you became aware of the problem-solving model that we will use in this course. This week, think about a problem you are experiencing in your current job. If you are not experiencing a problem, it is fine to think about a prior problem. If you are unable to recall a problem, think about a problem from a prior job. Even if the problem (current or past) was resolved, think about what you would do now when using the problem-solving model used in this course.

I am sure that you will be able to think of a current or past problem from a job. If not, you can use a problem that a current business is experiencing. Should you decide to do this, you will….