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Accounting Comparative

Studying the practice of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) must give consideration on how practices and compliance vary between different countries in the world given that even within the country itself, the practice has variations.  IFRS aimed to achieve high quality of financial analysis and reporting and its set of standard couldn’t be doubted to be beneficial in seeking global participation on stable platform of finance. Business communications in Malaysia, for example, remained to have their primitive way of covering information, reporting financial matters and framework for studying the activities in the economy. With this, Malaysia had been through some conflicts as they developed their accounting procedures and apparently, the situation requires better regulation by the practitioners in the market and by those involved in accountancy (Tsamenyi, M…..

lesson plan

  For this assignment, you will create a mini‐unit plan containing three individual lesson plans designed for the students outlined in the “Class Profile.” Using the Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) probe and grade level you selected in Topic 6, select a corresponding standard from your state’s standards or Common Core State Standards on geometry to develop a learning target. Align one or more NCTM process standards with your learning target. Using these standards and learning target, create a mini‐unit of three lesson plans using the “COE Lesson Plan Template.” The mini‐unit must include the use of three research‐based math instructional strategies for teaching geometry and integrate teacher/student use of technology.  You may use, as applicable, prior assignments from this course to complete the benchmark, provided that you incorporate….

Maria Full of Grace

María Álvarez, a 17-year-old Colombian girl (played by Catalina Sandino Moreno), works in sweat shop-like conditions at a flower plantation to help support her family. However, after finding herself pregnant by her boyfriend, whom she does not love, and being unjustly treated by her boss, she quits and decides to find another job, despite her family’s disapproval. On her way to Bogotá to find a new job, she gets offered a position as a mule — one who smuggles drugs by swallowing drug-filled pellets. Desperate, she accepts the risky offer and swallows 62 wrapped pellets of cocaine and flies to New York City. After a close call at the US Customs (she was about to be X-rayed, until customs found out she was pregnant), she is set free….

Aspects of Poetry

To be able to explain the aspects of poetry to you all, I thought I would break the mini lesson down into two parts. It will help you understand the differences between a poem and a sonnet, and will make it easier to absorb all of the components involved. First we will start with a sonnet. Let’s start by talking about just what a sonnet is. “Before Shakespeare’s day, the word “sonnet” meant simply “little song,” i. e. , a short lyric poem” (poetry. about. com, 2010). By the 1200’s, the sonnet had come to be known as a form of poetry that is comprised of 14 lines. The first type of sonnet was the Italian version, also known as the Petrarchan sonnet. The Italian sonnet is separated….

Deliver in 12hrs

Select a publicly-traded U.S. corporation, and analyze its funds acquisition techniques.  Your paper must be 8–10 double-spaced pages and include the following discussions: 

Brief history or background information on selected corporation  The selected corporation’s funds acquisition and investment strategies  The selected corporation’s bond and credit ratings and the ratings’ effects on acquisition of funds and rates paid on debt  Domestic and international capital structure employed by the corporation, including debt securities, equity securities, and private equity, among others  Based on your analysis of the types, risks, and returns of funds, determine whether or not the corporation utilizes optimal capital structure or funding acquisition techniques 

If not, provide appropriate recommendations

To conduct your analysis, you may find the following resources useful:

The corporation’s most recent 10-K (annual report) filing….

LASA – Case Study Writing Assignment TOPIC Bacillus anthracis

 LASA – Case Study Writing Assignment TOPIC Bacillus anthracis   Instructions  The major project for this course will be to create a detailed case study discussing a bacterial organism we cover during the course. A list of acceptable organisms will be provided for you to choose from. Once you have selected an organism, you will research and write a formal report. The report should be 4-6 pages, written in the APA (6th edition) format. Use at least 3 credible resources (one may be the textbook). As with any writing assignment, be sure that you edit the assignment for any spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure that the information obtained from your references has been restated in your own words and has proper in-text citations. The assignment will be run….

Cognitive Psychology – topic and setting submission for final project

Overview: As a professional with a cognitive psychology background, you may be called upon to contribute your insights to help solve a contemporary problem in an applied setting. This solution could take the form of a proposal for a new program, research study, or initiative. For your final project, you will select an applied professional setting and contemporary problem related to cognitive processes and draft a proposal to explore strategies to improve the problem in that particular setting.  In order to help you organize the thoughts you generated in an earlier discussion board in Module One, this assignment will allow you the opportunity to develop a topic suggestion. First, you will identify your topic of interest within the field of cognitive psychology from the following options: ·Attention ·Learning….

home work

   Session 11 1. What are the Most Common Ways That Identity Theft or Fraud can happen to you?  Answer: 2. The Department of Justice breaks down computer crimes into what three categories? Answer: 3. Digital watermarking in the hardware industry that is distinguishing pattern establishing ownership. (True/False) Answer: 4. Which Act relates has security safeguards required for compliance: administrative, physical, and technical? Answer:  5. Which act addresses the consumer do not call list? Answer:  6. Which organization addresses questions about social media policies in the workplace? Answer:   Session 10 7. Which layer of the OSI model identified the computer sending a message? A. Physical Layer B. Data Link Layer  C. Application D. Transport layer 8. Which layer of the OSI model works with logical address when….


my topic  Nestle Killing for Profit??? and i need to do Both (compare/contrast)    The group project is aimed at the process of management and its functions in real organizations and the legal, moral, and ethical dilemmas we face as individuals and in our roles as part of the managerial process.  Students will be divided into teams of three and provided a topic to work on but they will be working against each other.  Each student will take either a “pro” or “con” side to a topic taken from business, government, or education. Further, each situation will be fraught with ethical considerations and ramifications.  As individuals, each team member will search, discuss, analyze, and report information back to their classmates and course instructor with slide presentations they will post….

M4A1 MS6018

Assignment 1: Discussion—Workplace Safety Whether the workplace is a construction site, a factory, or an office, it has its own inherent risks, which should be identified and controlled. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations are designed to help employers protect their employees and help employees hold their employers accountable for work conditions. Workers’ compensation insurance includes and supports employee health, ensuring that employees get appropriate healthcare if an accident occurs at the workplace. Employers are not obligated to provide workers’ compensation coverage but can be held financially responsible in the event of injury or death. Employers who choose not to carry workers’ compensation can be sued for lost wages and medical care by an injured employee. Workers’ compensation laws vary by state. In this assignment, you will….