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Reflection: David and Goliath

David and Goliath In the excerpt we read from David and Goliath, the main focus in the chapter was the theory of “Big fish, Small pond”. The basis of the theory is that why throw a kid into a hard environment when he can excel in a moderate environment. This often applies to Education. I qualify with this statement; I see both benefits to it and restraints. If you put a kid in an average environment, for example, putting a over qualified kid in a college prep English class. You would expect him to be the smartest kid in the class, answering all the questions and scoring well on all the tests. He would be the star and people would recognize his excellence. But what good is that?….

2 Discussions and 1 case study

Discussion 6.1 What can you do using a Raspberry Pi?    Why would you use one?  Is there another devise that you believe be better?  Why or why not?  If so, what is it? 

Discussion 6.2 Discuss what spear phishing is in your own words.  Pretend you are explaining it to someone who has no idea about it.  How are Trojans used during spear phishing?  What is the worst damage can they do?  Why?   

Case Study 6.1

Write a 2 to 3 page paper picking a particular area to monitor and come up with a way you can use the Raspberry Pi to monitor the area. Provide some creative ways you would use the Raspberry Pi . In addition How would you use the Raspberry Pi in Spear Fishing?  Make….

Required Assignment 2—IT Strategic Planning

  Assignment 2: Required Assignment 2—IT Strategic Planning Using a company of your choice, determine the strategic business goals. Develop an IT strategy that aligns to the business goals. You can use the balanced scorecard approach or you can develop your own method for defining and aligning the IT strategy to the business strategy. You will need to cite at least two credible sources that will provide justification for your strategy or approach. Finding a company: If you are employed, it is best for you to use your current place of employment so you can practically apply the concepts in this assignment. Alternatively, you can use a nonprofit organization or any other organization you may have ties or access to. Your IT strategy should include:

Business Goals and….

Property Taxes

Property taxes – local taxes, immovable property/land tax, motor vehicle tax . (Lukas Szita) A property tax also known as millage tax is a charge on possessions that the holder is obligatory to pay. The tax is imposed by the governing authority of the area in which the property is placed; it can be a national government of country, a federated state, a county/region, or a municipality (In Slovak Republic property tax is the most important income for municipalities). We basically distinguish four general kinds of property: land, improvements to land (which are immobile man-made objects, such as buildings), personal property (transportable man-made objects), and intangible property. Combination of land and developments are called real estate or reality. Under a property tax system, the governing authority implements assessment….

ENG Literature

Introduction She has been called “a testament to the power of words to change lives.” Patricia Smith, 2014 Guggenheim fellow and four-time individual champion of the National Poetry Slam, is the most successful competitor in slam history. She has appeared on the award-winning HBO series, Def Poetry Jam. Smith writes about life on the street, involvement with gangs, hidden truths, and late-night drama. 

Initial Post Instructions After reading “What It’s Like to Be a Black Girl,” write your own poem of identity: What it’s like to be ____________. 

Keep in mind how Smith identifies not only her race but also her sex, age, and repetitive use of “it’s.” You do not necessarily have to write specifically on your race – pick one of your own identities.

Additionally, write….

Digital marketing

For your second assignment, please create a blog cluster based on a pillar topic related to your team project. There are two deliverables to this project – a paper that provides a reasoning for the content developed for the blog including reason for the choice of topic, content backed by research, how and why the content is suitable for the stage in the decision journey, and the use of suitable keywords. The blog should demonstrate best practices with white space, headings, links, keywords, and image(s). For the paper, you will consult 3-5 good sources of information on the topic of the blog and write a one to two page summary (approximately 350 to 500 words), with citations and references. The reference list should keep the same formatting as….

soc 2

PART 1 Vessing (2011) states, “a society needs a variety of social institutions in order to function adequately. However, it does appear that not all citizens have equal access to participation in them, and that one’s social class and ascribed characteristics may limit one’s ability to benefit from them. This disparity results in unequal access to all that the institutions have to offer” (p. 197). Review the various social institutions discussed in Chapters 10 and 11 of the text, Sociology: Beyond Common Sense. Based on what you have read in the text, describe at least two institutions that do not provide equal access? If you were asked to implement changes from a sociological perspective, what changes would you suggest? Support your answer with detailed examples.  PART 2 According….


   SOCW 6311: Social Work Research in Practice II Please note that this is a master level course so master level work. Please check the grammar, use APA format and you have to use the reading that I have provided to you. You must answer all the questions that I post. Thank you. Please NOTE that my school is checking for plagiaries through Safe Assign Week 9  Resources Readings • Dudley, J. R. (2014). Social work evaluation: Enhancing what we do. (2nd ed.) Chicago, IL: Lyceum Books. o Chapter 8, “Improving How Programs and Practice Work” (pp. 167–207) • Becker, L. A. (1999). Statistical and clinical significance. Retrieved from https://www.uccs.edu/lbecker/clinsig • Man-Son-Hing, M., Laupacis, A., O’Rourke, K., Molnar, F. J., Mahon, J., Chan, K. B., & Wells, G…..

m3 Assignment 1: Discussion—Behavioral Heuristics

Assignment 1: Discussion—Behavioral Heuristics Behavioral heuristics, such as availability, anchoring, vividness, storage, conjunction fallacy, and representativeness, all reflect behavioral traits, which if left unchecked may lead to systematic bias in the choices you make. For example, anchoring and availability can lead to disastrous decisions. You may know how to recognize these heuristics, but consider how they may have influenced you in the past. Find at least one example from your own career where you, or another manager, allowed one of these or another pitfall, to sway you from the mean. Respond to the following:

Why did you/they ignore the base rates? What other statistically relevant factors did you/they fail to incorporate? How could you have altered the framing of the situation to make a better decision?

By the….


the author states “several practice-oriented agent-based simulation models have been developed that are aimed to support policy making”. Research two of these and discuss them, clarifying how they are “agent-based”, what their game entails, and how they tie into policy-making. You’ll need two references with citations for each reference to do this correctly. A) Create a new thread. As indicated above, find two examples of agent-based games.

B) Select AT LEAST 3 other students’ threads and post substantive comments on those threads by Sunday at midnight, evaluating the pros and cons of that student’s recommendations. Your comments should be engaging and extend the conversation started with the thread. ALL original posts and comments must be substantive and include APA support. (I’m looking for about a paragraph – not just “I agree.”) NOTE: These discussions….