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Leadership theme in Othello

William Shakespeare is one of the most profound writers that ever existed; his books have touched almost all aspects of life. I was drawn by Othello because of the natural skill and brilliance the author used. How Shakespeare builds character of the protagonists and antagonists is out of this world; the sequence of scenes and vocabulary in use is also unparalleled. Not only in Othello but also in his other plays. Love and romance is one of the themes that his plays revolved on; we can say he used it as device to attract more readers and viewers, but if we look at it as a non marketing tool we can also say that he centered in it to confuse the authorities of England that were ruthless when….

My Philosophy of Leadership

MY PHILOSOPHY OF LEADERSHIP Christine Harris Byrd In my own definition, leadership is an attitude, not a position or routine, and not based on one certain formula or method. It is based on one’s experiences and personal values, and therefore no two leaders will never be the same. There are only a few characteristics that categorize them together. Leaders are those whose actions reflect their heart. They inspire themselves and others in a way that creates a chain reaction of positive events, thoughts, changes, and of course, attitudes. Whether their attitude affects a whole society or one single person, they are a leader because they genuinely care for the well-being of others and live according to their own principles. Most importantly, a leader is one who does not….

Contributions of Carbon Dioxide Removal as Geoengineering Solution to Climate Change

Contributions of Carbon Dioxide Removal as Geoengineering Solution to Climate Change Abstraction Climate Change

I will hold an overview and a speedy treatment on clime alteration as an debut for the paper. Geoengineering Technologies When it comes to environmental direction you can non acquire any longer banal today than a focal point on clime alteration, nevertheless, I wish to undertake this subject in a alone manner. While I plan on discoursing green engineering and C caps, the chief focal point of my paper will be on clime technology besides known as geoengineering. Geoengineering, in my sentiment, is frequently a forbidden subject as many see human accommodation of the natural order to be avoided at all cost. I feel this to be a subset of the realistic false belief…..

Discussion Form

  After completing the reading this week, please review table 1.2 in the text and review the distinction between leadership and management.  Then think about this in regard to how senior leaders versus senior managers lead change in an organization (especially when it comes to technical change in an organization). This week please reflect on these concepts and answer the following questions:

When implementing change in an organization, there are always culture issues that are faced, such as not accepting change, determine how differently this would be handled thinking about the management versus leadership constructs? When dealing with performing work, how is this implemented differently within the management versus leadership constructs?

Please be sure to answer all of the questions above in the initial post. Please ensure the….

Attitudes Toward Global Warming Environmental Sciences Essay

Climate alteration ( Global Warming ) or upwind conditions change ( Climate Change ) is the planetary mean temperature addition of the consequence of planetary heating. Or at our well-known name in the Greenhouse Effect by planetary heating. Which is the cause of increased human emanations of C dioxide from firing assorted fuels, transit and industrial production. In add-on, we have added human group azotic oxide gas. Fluid and chloro Robert C ( CFC ) to besides at the same time. With our film editing and devastation of immense woods to make installations for work forces. Pull out the mechanism of C dioxide out of the clime system is to cut down efficiency. In most things. We have done the universe has come back to us in the….

iPhone at Apple Quiz

Discussion Question Set #1 – iPhone at Apple (25 points) Lenny Allegretti 1. Which accounting method best reflects the economic reality? Put another way, which accounting numbers – the GAAP or non-GAAP numbers best reflects economic reality? [10 points] Economic reality can be defined as the overall outlook of the economy at a certain point in time. This outlook includes factors such as interest rates, politics, and speculation. In its Q4 financial results Apple reported both GAAP and non-GAAP revenue and net profit for the iPhone. Their GAAP results showed 7. 9 billion in revenue and 1. 1 billion in net profit. The non-GAAP showed revenue of 11. 7 billion and net profit of 2. 4 billion. The GAAP results reflect the usage of subscription accounting for the….


Responsible Supply Chains

In this assignment, you will analyze the performance of an  organization; this organization should be well known and publicly held.  Considering the firm’s overarching supply chain processes (partner  selection, relationship development, and monitoring and controlling),  evaluate the organization on the triple bottom line: environmental  sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and financial  performance dimensions. To what extent are these three concepts in  conflict or consistent for your selected firm?

Refer to Ortas, Moneva, and Álvarez’s 2014 article, “Sustainable Supply Chain and Company Performance: A Global Examination.”

Write a 4–6-page paper that addresses the following:

Describe the chosen organization’s partner selection, relationship development, and monitoring and controlling processes. Analyze the organization’s performance in these dimensions:  environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and  financial performance. Evaluate the extent to which….

Essay On Hospital Management

Hospitals are classified into two categories based upon their aim of formation as Profit based and Non-Profit based Hospitals. One of the main differences between a profit based and non-profit based Organisation or Hospital is that a non-profit Organisation is not allowed to issue stocks or pay dividends. They prevent the enrichment of the Board of Directors and also are exempted from taxes. St. John’s Mercy Hospital, Washington, is one of the many non-profit organizations, to which I am going to assess. It is located just 50 miles southwest of St. Louis, which is committed to provide quality health care with in its area of service with more than 800 co-workers, 150,000 residents and nearly 150 physicians serving the hospital. The marketing strategy adopted by the St. John’s….

People Management Case Study

The SITUATION: the Ben Brooks’ dilemma Ben Brook, 43 years old, a solid professional with 20 years of experience at Livingstone Corp. , is extremely disappointed for not having been promoted CEO of his company. For the first time in his life, he is reflecting about his personal and professional history and choices, trying to get some lessons for the future. He considers quitting his company for a CEO job in another one. The FACTS: Ben Brooks’ personal and professional life Our starting point will be to understand (through a 3 pages letter) who Ben is as a person, and as a professional. We can deduce several key personality clues, based on the facts in the letter: ? An “achiever”: born in 1935, graduated with honors, joins Livingstone….

The Necessity of Ethics in Criminal Justice

Erazo Criminal Justice April 15, 2013 Prompt: Give an account of the role of ethics and its significance to the functions of the criminal justice system in America, and describe its impact on crime and social control. The Necessity of Ethics in Criminal Justice The role of ethics is important to the criminal justice system as well as the government because it helps maintains social control and crime control. Over time the role of ethics has adapted in every aspect of the criminal justice system. Without the role of ethics there would be corruption; the law would have little meaning because its application would be undependable (citation. ) The criminal justice system, which works along with the government, has a great impact of how people treat each other,….