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TMGT 361

   V. Data collection and analysis. a. Decide on something you are going to measure. In your initial post write up, include the following. Keep an industrial focus if possible but you can measure anything. The measurement instrument can be anything, e.g., your eyes, a bath scale, a micrometer, etc. i. Define the population measured.  ii. Define the unit of observation (e.g., case, subject). iii. Define the sample measured and state the sample size (must be at least n=10). iv. Describe the variable measured. Include scale level, i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, or rank. v. Describe the measurement tool and measurement method. vi. Define the variable values measured and/or that could have been measured, e.g., there might have been green apples but none in your sample were. vii. Calculate….

Managing Employee Misbehaviour for Promoting Business Ethics

Managing Employee Misbehaviour for Promoting Business Ethics Workplace misbehaviour: Any intentional action by members of organizations that defies and violates Shared organizational norms and expectations, and/or Core societal values, mores and standards of proper conduct (Vardi and Wiener, 1996, p. 153). Misbehaviour in this sense is also said to be about breaching broader, yet far from clearly defined or fully shared societal norms or moral order. In industrial sociology key writers on misbehaviour – Ackroyd and Thompson (1999, p. 2) – borrow Sprouse’s (1992, p. 3) definition of sabotage – “anything you do at work you are not supposed to do” – to define misbehaviour, although questions remain about how useful this definition is. Perspectives on misbehaviour Misbehaviour is also a phenomena discussed in several other academic disciplines…..

4 hours Left Read article double-spaced with size 11 Times New Roman font. 1 page

All essays need to be less than one page, double-spaced with size 11 Times New Roman font. Please put your name in the upper left hand corner of the paper and the next line should start the text.

 Content  The DOJ/FTC Horizontal Merger Guidelines (HMGs) state that they will calculate post-merger Herfindahl-Hirschmann Indices (HHI) and change in HHI caused by the merger to determine if the merger deserves additional scrutiny from antitrust authorities (i.e., a Second Request). Describe other measures of market structure and techniques that United States antitrust authorities could use to determine if a merger deserves additional scrutiny or may lead to the antitrust authorities challenging the merger. Make sure you discuss the advantage and disadvantages of each measure/technique, including using HHI. In this discussion, describe….

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond (B&B, vim. Featherbedding. Comb the power retailer of domestics and home furnishings, has annual sales of $7 billion and a net Income of $562 million. The firm’s profitability can be explained by Its Increasing gross profit margins at the same time It decreases selling, general, and administrative (AS) expenses as a percent of sales. B Is able to Increase Its gross profit margins due o Its excellent atmosphere, wide assortments, and a deep variety within most merchandise lines. Its control over AS expenses is partly due to the outsourcing of its distribution centers to a third party. B has opened hundreds of stores over the last few years, ranging in size from 30,000 to 80,000 square feet. Because it uses a flexible real-estate strategy,….

3-4 page essay

Sleep Journal and Reflection Project

The meaning, origin, and analysis of dreams have fascinated psychologists since the inception of the field of psychology. Sigmund Freud, often referred to as the father of psychology, focused a great deal of his theoretical energy on trying to understand and interpret dreams.

Contemporary psychologists are beginning to recognize the interconnectivity of human physiology and psychology in a way not previously understood. This is in part because of new interest in holistic health and in part because of brain/body connections we are now able to see and understand for the first time due to enhanced technology. Yoga, mindfulness, healthy eating, meditation, holistic health – all of these practices are gaining more traction in mainstream society and among psychological circles as we recognize how….


How much for a 5-7 page essay?human being violence    Humanities 1101 Each student will write a 5-7 pages paper using MLA format about a topic as it relates to Humanities. The topic suggestions are listed below. If you choose to do another topic, it must be approved.  The first step is to choose a topic and write a prospectus and submit a bibliography. A prospectus is one paragraph which identifies your topic, the thesis statement, and why you chose this particular topic. The bibliography is a list of 10 sources you plan to use once you begin to write y our paper. You can only have one website. All other sources must be books, journals, newspapers, movies, magazines, etc. The bibliography must be done by MLA format. ….

Unit I Professionalism in the Workplace questions

1.  This question involves writing career goals. First, write at least three five-year goals toward your career by using the guidelines within the SMART method. Remember, the SMART method involves making the goal specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and establish a time to achieve it. Second, identify the type of job, the job’s title, the location (i.e., city), and the company. Then, briefly explain why these three goals are important to you.  Your explanation must be at least 75 words. 

2.  This question involves evaluating how attitude, personality, and goal setting impact work performance. Attitudes can be both good and bad, personalities can vary greatly, and goal setting is a technique that some use and some do not. For this question, write a brief essay that describes how attitude,….

Critical thinking discussion

Need 4 questions answered in a discussion

  The discussion requirements each week are to post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days to earn full participation. This includes your initial post (which should meet the word count requirements stated below) and 2 substantive replies to other students or to your instructor’s posts. Due Thursday You are almost at the end of your critical thinking journey—but only for this class! Hopefully, this begins a lifelong journey of searching for knowledge, improving yourself, and seeking the truth! We started the course reflecting on what critical thinking is and how we formulate our opinions and beliefs. We then expanded the concept of critical thinking to include consideration of how we relate to friends, family, and other personal….

Short answer questions

Write a short response to each of the following questions.  Provide examples and evidence of your explanation.

Describe the relationship between infant and adult temperament. Explain how temperament impacts relationships with peers, romantic partners in young adulthood. Compare and contrast Piaget’s formal operations stage and its characteristics with the Information processing model. Discuss the implication of attention, memory and other cognitive changes adolescents experience. Work plays a significant role in the lives of people, and emerging and early adulthood is the time when most of us make choices that will establish our careers. Career development has a number of stages. What are they? Identify and describe each stage. How can Super’s Career theory and Holland’s Career Theory help an individual in choosing a career? What is the 5-factor….

Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization is often referred to as coronary angiography or a coronary angiogram. It is a radiographic procedure that is used to look at and visualize the heart and the coronary arteries. During a cardiac catheterization it is possible for the cardiologist performing the procedure to see how effectively blood is flowing through the coronary arteries. In addition, this procedure allows the cardiologists to see how blood is moving through the chambers of the heart and how effective the heart valves are functioning. A cardiac catheterization can also allow for the visualization of the movement of the walls of the heart to see if the pumping action of the heart is normal. The primary application of cardiac catheterization is to determine if there is the presence of coronary….