Procedures for Compliance Plans

The hand hygiene and fraud detection compliance plan.
Your assignment is to write two 1 page sections in a Word document describing the procedures for each compliance plan. Remember to support your procedures for each of two plans with a total of three research sources (1-2 per procedure), cited at the end in APA format. Write your procedures in a way that all employees will understand at a large medical facility where you are the Compliance Officer. 
You also need to remember to use full reference citation information. If you found your information on the web,  you absolutely need to provide web links or a DOI. You also need to used references that  have the page numbers included in the citations. 

please meet Criteria!!
First section presents procedures for first compliance plan based on the policies covered for the two compliance plan
Second section presents procedures for second compliance plan based the policies covered for the two compliance plan
Procedures for each compliance plan are written in a way that all employees will understand at a large medical facility.
Contains at least three research sources total cited in APA format in a References page.
Follows standard mechanics in writing, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The Rights of Women in Saudi Arabia

“Women’s rights are human rights” is an important message which Plan Canada’s “Because I am a Girl” campaign has adopted. The rights of women around the world have an effect on everybody in the world, including males. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2009 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked 130th out of 134 countries on the Global Gender Gap Index in 2009 (Hausmann, Tyson, & Zahidi, 2009). In Saudi Arabia, women are often suppressed in society and are noted as having the rights of minors.
Saudi women are subject to unjust laws, sexist family code, and tainted education systems. This systemic inequality towards women must change. Many of the so-called laws in Saudi Arabia are in fact not written laws. Often individual judges use their own discretion when punishing people for their crimes as based upon Sharia. Sharia is defined by Oxford dictionary as “Islamic canonical law based on the teachings of the Koran and the traditions of the Prophet (Hadith and Sunna), prescribing both religious and secular duties and sometimes retributive penalties for law breaking.”
This can often lead to rulings that follow archaic religious rituals; although it should be noted that Sharia in itself is not sexist, but rather common Saudi Arabian cultural interpretation is sexist. Women are often subject to punishment for acts that are often not thought of as crimes in the Western world. A particularly disturbing case of this was in 2007 when a Saudi court issued a preposterous sentence to a gang-rape victim. The girl had gotten into a car with a boy she knew from her school because he had a picture of her.

His having the picture of her was taboo as she was soon to marry another man. Both the boy and girl who were in the car were kidnapped and all involved were punished. The female victim was sentenced to 90 lashings for having had contact with men who were not relatives of hers. Her sentence was later upped to 200 lashes and six months in jail because her defense lawyer had begged for compassion (Vankin, 2013). Having women who have been raped receiving lashings because they dared enter a car with a man is a despicable reason to punish someone.
At this point in Saudi Arabia there is also a driving ban in effect for women. Though it is not technically illegal, Saudi Arabia refuses to issue licenses to women and by law drivers must have a license (Jabeena, 2012). Though women have protested by driving, the ban remains in place and women do get punished for driving. This is a blatant denial of a path to independence for women. Although laws in Saudi Arabia are not always written laws, harsh punishment (especially towards women) often occurs and is tainted due to the variation of interpretation of the law by judges.
Females in Saudi are also required to have a male guardian at all ages. This male guardian can be a father, husband, brother, and even grandson based on the woman’s specific circumstances. These male guardians may be responsible for giving women permission to marry, divorce, travel, undergo certain surgeries, seek employment, and many other major decisions or matters in the woman’s life (Human Rights Watch, 2008). This treatment seems demeaning and acts as a way to keep women overpowered in the country. There are activists whom are very much against the guardianship custom.
In particular one Saudi widow, Wajeha Al-Huwaider stated that it was absurd because “If I wanted to get married, I would have to get the permission of my son. ” She is 45 and her son is 17. Should a 17 year old boy really not only be able to, rather encouraged or enforced to make a life-altering decision for a 45 year old woman? Though some activists have tried to abolish this way of living, all attempts have failed thus far. The ideas that many Saudi Arabian conservatives hold of how women should be treated and viewed under the law are nothing short of severely outdated.
The necessary male guardian is a tool of mass suppression that provides no benefit to the women of the Kingdom. These ideas tie in closely to the family code that is expected to be upheld in Saudi society. Saudi Arabian views on women’s rights are widely based on traditional culture. Even though forced marriages are now illegal in Saudi Arabia, the marriage contract is strictly between the groom and the bride’s male guardian (Social Institutions & Gender Index, 2011). This implies that even though a woman cannot legally be forced to marry a certain man, the man she marries must have the approval of her male guardian.
Saudi family law also makes it very hard for women to obtain a divorce; they must provide a good circumstance and evidence to support it whereas men are able to obtain a divorce without question (Social Institutions & Gender Index, 2011). This makes it inherently difficult for a woman to leave a relationship, even if it is abusive or otherwise harmful to her. Traditional Saudi Arabian cultural practices remain in practice, despite the fact that they are wildly inappropriate for the times.
Though literacy rates of Saudi Arabian females are seemingly quite advanced at 82.2%, which is close to the 90. 8% literacy rate of males (CIA Factbook, 2011), the quality of female education is lower than that of males. Schools, from primary to post-secondary education are segregated by sex. This segregation allows for different curricula to be used and for women to learn about their role as a nurturing mother and wife as dictated by commonly accepted Wahabi beliefs (AlMunajjed, 1997). Having differences in the curricula that are used is an outrageous disadvantage to the women trying to become equal to their male counterparts.
Another hardship that women seeking an education in Saudi Arabia must face is that of transportation. Women are not allowed to drive and living at their university, away from their male guardian is often strongly discouraged by family (Rawaf & Simmons, 1991). This can cause a tremendous barrier between women and higher education. Therefore, although girls are required to complete some level of education and are able to attend post-secondary institutions, they are not receiving the same quality of education as boys and they have limitations in post-secondary as well.
Katy Watson (2012), a reporter for BBC News, found that: Despite the fact that it [the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia] spends heavily on educating both men and women – 60% of those who graduate from Saudi’s universities are female – only 17% of women are actually in the job market. That compares with 75% of men. There are many reasons why this may be true, but the lack of equal education does not help the situation. Saudi Arabians must modernize their view on women.
The discriminatory laws, chauvinistic familial structure, and corrupt education systems are unacceptable, especially in the world today. By having men and women equals, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will have a significantly improved human rights rating. Steps toward equality within the country would also help Saudi’s relationship with other countries. Thus, the elimination (or near elimination) of sexism towards women in Saudi Arabia would ultimately help with world peace.

topic proposal and reference page

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to select a topic in the particular area in which you have an occupational or research interest,(In this case something related to helping child and adolescents, i want to be a counselor) and to locate a minimum of ten scholarly references. A helpful Web site for organizing and writing a literature review is
You may also want to review the following documents that are available in the Doc Sharing area of the course:

A sample literature review,
a PowerPoint document illustrating how to set up your word processor for APA style
a “Guide for Writing a Literature Review”
a PowerPoint tips document
Topic Proposal
Write one to two paragraphs (a) summarizing the problem area (be specific in defining the problem), (b) describing what you already know about the topic, and c) why you have chosen this topic for your literature review. The topic should apply psychological research to an individual, organizational, or social problem. Include a working title and the objective of the paper.
Reference Page
Search for literature on your selected topic and create a Reference Page containing at least 10 scholarly references. A good way to begin searching for relevant literature is to search for key words related to your topic in a research database. Narrow your search to articles in peer-reviewed journals. Another good idea is to check the list of References at the end of an article to find other relevant work. If you have any questions about this part, please feel free to set up an appointment with your instructor or ask the librarian. You will create a reference page for your literature review paper in an appropriate APA style. Your resources must come from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals or books. No Internet resources may be used here.
Click here to review the APA 6th Edition APA sample paper.
Submit your topic proposal and reference page to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.
Name your file: AU_PSY492_M1_A4_LastName_FirstInitial.doc
Assignment 4 Grading Criteria Maximum PointsSubmitted a topic proposal of two paragraphs. Defined the problem clearly and in specific terms appropriate to the topic.10Applied psychological research to an individual, organizational, or societal problem.10Discussed your current knowledge/understanding of the topic.10Submitted at least 10 scholarly references pertaining to topic area.10Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.10Total:50

English Writing : 4 pages : 7 hours

 Read the article “Factory Efficiency Comes to the Hospital” (see web link) and answer the following questions
 1. How has Seattle Children’s Hospital reduced inventory? (5 pts) 
2. How does the Hospital implement continuous improvement? (10 pts)
 3. LIST the tasks for which the Hospital has reduced task times. (10 pts)
4. LIST the ways that the Hospital has achieved cost savings. (10 pts) 
5. LIST ways in which the Hospital has achieved flexibility. (10 pts) 
6. Describe the problems encountered by the Hospital when implementing lean operations. (5 points) Your submitted work should be well written, free of grammatical errors and free of misspellings. 

For Questions 1, 2 and 6, don’t ask how long your responses should be. You should have more than 2 sentences but I don’t need to see a dissertation. Your responses should be as long as it takes you to answer the question in concisely written words while being thorough in your response. 
For the questions that ask for a list, just list your responses using numbers, letters, bullets, etc. Each item on your list should be no more than 2 sentences. Some items may be cross-listed, meaning they may appear in more than one list. For example, the hospital may have changed a procedure or policy that led to more flexibility, a reduction in task time and cost reduction. 

Closing the Digital Divide – Technology as the New Fountain of Youth

Generally speaking human beings are social creatures, this fact can be evidenced throughout history and can be highlighted with a myriad of examples some of which include; patriotism, religion, education even the nuclear family. These are but a few examples all of which require a certain level of social interaction to maintain and function.
Due to our nature interaction with other people is a core component in maintaining a balanced and healthy life.  Several studies have been conducted that show how an individual’s quality of life can deteriorate if they become socially isolated. The deterioration in social, spiritual and mental wellbeing often creates a negative impact on a person’s physical wellbeing; making them less youthful.
The digital divide, how long will it last?

According to the U.S. Census bureau the number of people ages 65 and older was 46.2 million in 2014, this number is predicted to reach 82.3 million by 2040 and 98.2 million by 2060. Furthermore, in recent years there has been a shift towards older adults maintaining independence and remaining in their homes for longer.
It is important to note that those that will be 65+ in 2040 are currently in their late 30s early 40s and those who will be 65+ in 2060 are 20-25 now, both of these demographics utilise computers and current tech readily. It is reasonable to conclude that the present digital divide will be less apparent in the future because younger generations have grown up with computers, it will be second nature when they are older.  If we can consider this, it is fair to say that the digital divide will gradually close of its own accord. We will probably see a rapid close in the digital divide within the next 5-10 years as the aging population will comprise of a lot more people who use computers on a daily basis now.
Can tech compensate?
The role that technology has to play in this arena has yet to be fully determined. Some would argue that there is no substitute for actual human contact. Others would argue that the virtual world and interactions therein are just as meaningful to an individual and their wellbeing. Situations like this are now becoming common place.
Although technological interaction is not for everyone, it can be evidenced that virtual interaction and community have a positive impact as opposed to complete isolation.
The solution for the current divide
Waiting for the digital divide to heal itself is not a practical solution.
It is important to understand why the current digital divide exists and what can be done to bridge the gap sooner. One of the main barriers to uptake in new technologies is the rate in which technology is progressing. Due to the high rate of progression many older adults cannot always keep up with ever changing user interfaces or the devices that are being used.
The solution is simple; create platforms and devices that bridge the gap by using older technologies that older adults are comfortable with and at the same time incorporate modern solutions into them. By retrofitting devices with modern design principles and functionality you will find that the benefits of new technology can be brought to a wider audience.

Money Supply, Demand and Policy

Assignment Details

As an employee of a company that is considering investing in a foreign economy, you have been asked to research a country and make a presentation to your colleagues about an area of economic concern in the country. 

Select a country in Africa, Asia, or Latin America to research. 
Select 1 of the following economic concerns to research: 

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 
Quantities of specific goods and services 
Exports and imports

Research data sets for the one economic concern within the country that you have chosen. 
Write a 5-page report, and answer the following questions: 

What are 2–3 relationships between the economic concern you selected and that specific country’s economy? 
Support your discussion of the trends with statistical evidence. 

Use graphs and/or data tables of the variables you chose in the discussion.

What trends do you see in the data sets? Please explain. 
Cite all of your sources and include a reference list 

Utilize at least two credible sources to support the arguments presented in the paper. Make sure you cite appropriately within your paper and list the reference(s) in APA format on your Reference page. Your paper should be 5 pages in length, not counting the Title page and Reference page. In accordance with APA formatting requirement, it should be double-spaced and include a running head and page numbers.

Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

Wm Morrison is a well known leading supermarket in the UK with over 400 stores as well as being listed in the FTSE 100 market. Acquisitions and mergers play a big role in the success of various companies across the globe only if the acquisition being made is of good performance (Leepsa, & Mishra, 2013, p.40).
The factors to be considered in the case of Wm Morrison acquisition vary from political, social, economic and even environmental factors as well as the financial factors of the business. OneStop supermarkets is facing a lot of problems and hence the need for the acquisition of the Wm Morrison so that it can enhance its performance. The need for acquisition has been brought about by the reasons that OneStop PLC has been staggering in terms of performance which to a greater extent has been as a result of poor product portfolio that meets the needs of the customers of the company (Depamphilis, 2011, p.29).

The other issues which have prompted the need to acquire new business are due to the reason that OneStop have faced a lot of criticism which has not been good for the image of the business (Leepsa, & Mishra, 2013, p.39). Various accusations have been laid against the company that it does not allow its employees to have union representation, allegations of racism within the company, and issues of low health insurance rates for the employees of the company (Sherman, & Sherman, 2011, p.155). The various accusations which have been made have greatly affected the business hence the need to make new acquisition so that the business can be able to meet its objectives.
The other motives which have propelled to the idea of the acquisition of the Wm Morrison is because Morrison PLC is nearly the same match as the OneStop in terms of the particular skills involved in the running of the business and the various capabilities which are need to conduct the business (Sherman, & Sherman, 2011, p.157). The various skills and capabilities which are available at Morrison will help in boosting the target value of Morrison and also assist in increasing the sales of the company beyond the performance of OneStop PLC when it is on its own.
This implies that the acquisition of Morrison will boost the image, the performance and the long run stability of OneStop PLC and help it achieve its main objectives (Katz, 2013, p.20). The other motive which influence the need for the acquisition of the Wm Morrison is the reason that when the two companies are combined together, OneStop will help in reducing the targeted predictions on the cost of sales of the companies whereby the ratio of sales to sales will be reduced by about 0.7% while that of the administrative costs to sales ratio will be reduced by about 15%.The need to diversify and improve the image of OneStop Ltd has also led to the need for the acquisition of the Wm Morrison.
From previous researches which have been conducted on acquisitions and mergers it has been observed that there are various factors which companies must put into consideration whenever they plan to make an acquisition or even merge with another company (Sherman, & Sherman, 2011, p.158).
When planning to make an acquisition, especially in a different country from where the main company is, there is need to consider the political atmosphere where the company or business to acquired operates in. Political stability is of great importance since it determines how a business will operate in addition to whether the business will be able to survive in that particular country (Sherman, & Sherman, 2011, p.159).
There are various legal aspects that influence businesses that must be considered when acquiring, starting or even merging with other businesses (Bruner, 2011, n.p). The legal structure within the UK must be able to support the acquisition of the business so that the acquisition can be of any benefit to OneStop PLC.
Economic Environment
The competition within the business environment must be considered to find out whether the business is able to cope with the competition or not and whether the competition is fair enough for the survival of the company to be acquired.
Financial Performance
Researches that have been conducted also suggest that it is important to consider the financial performance of the company to acquire since that is of great importance (Bruner, 2011, n.p). A company that is not performing well may be a greater risk which may affect the acquiring company.
In the case of Morrison, its share prices have been not been constant which means that the shares of the company in the stock market may not be good performers although it has maintained a mark of between $2.5 and $3. The company is also rated as one of the leading food retailer in the UK, which is quite a good thing for a business since it means the company is able to fight stiff competition. The previous research also adds that the performance of the company helps to identify whether the company is profitable or simply a losing company (Bruner, 2011, n.p). It helps to determine the worth of the company hence it is important the financial performance is considered when wanting to make any acquisition
Research that has been previous conducted show that the food retail industry has grown quite a lot and people have come to appreciate the industry in a big way (Sherman, & Sherman, 2011, p.159). There have been great developments in the industry in terms of the products that are being offered as well as the number of competitors in the industry have also increased. People have become more conscious of what they eat in the food industry with any of them moving towards healthy eating habits hence influencing the industry to adopt healthy food product portfolios (Katz, 2013, p.20). The deal may fail to deliver results due to the strong competition that exists in the UK market as well as the major shareholders of Wm Morrison may not be willing to let go of the company unless they are offered to an attractive bid.
When wanting to acquire another business as part of the expansion program for any given company, it is important for a valuation of the company to be acquired to be done.
In the case of OneStop Ltd, it is important to conduct a valuation of the Wm Morrison supermarkets and determine whether the acquisition will be of value to OneStop or it will be a waste of money. In this case, it is to be assumed that the financial statements of Wm Morrison are accurate and no other adjustments are required on them (Cooper, & Finkelstein, 2011, p.1).
The information to be used in this valuation will be obtained from the income statement, the balance sheet as well as the cash flow statement, with regard to the last two years, 2012 and 2013. The most important aspects to be considered are the profitability of the company, the liquidity status of the company as well as the return on investment for the shareholders (Cooper, & Finkelstein, 2011, p.1). This will require an analysis of the ratios of the company to determine if it is a profitable investment or not.
Valuation Calculations
Ratio Analysis
This is done to simply determine the profitability of the company as well as the ability of the company to perform and meet its main objectives. The tables below illustrate the ratio analysis for year 2012 and 2013 as the most recent years of business for Wm Morrison. Figures adapted from: (




Total Revenue-Sales

Cost of Sales (COGS)

Net Income

Gross Profit



Total current liabilities

Total Current Assets

Long Term Debt

Total Equity

Total Assets


Year 2013

Ratio Type
Calculation in Million $


Current Ratio
Current Assets/Current Liabilities

Debt to Equity Ratio
Total Debt/Total Equity

Inventory Turnover
Sales/Total Inventory

Profit Margin
Net Income/Sales



Abyssal Zone

Abyssal Zone Steven Jevan 10. 2 Located deeper than 2000 meters underneath the ocean surface, lies a biome that we have barely seen and realize. This unbelievable and incredible biome is called the abyssal zone. With a depth reaching down to 6000 meters, it is impossible to inhabit this biome. Conversely, certain organisms have managed to keep their survival in this very biome through particular processes. Initially, the abyssal zone and the living organisms inside it, suffers the extreme conditions. The word “abyss” is taken from a Greek word, which means “bottomless sea”.
The abyssal zone itself is located between 2000 and 6000 meters underneath the ocean surface. It is located under the bathyal zone and above the hadal zone. In this depth, sunlight is unable to penetrate through. Therefore, this zone is filled with complete and perpetual darkness. At the same time, in a location this deep, the pressure is unbearable to humans. It is written that, “Because water pressure increases one atmosphere every 33 feet in depth, animals in the abyssal zone must be able to withstand tremendous amounts of pressure. ” (Abyssal). Therefore, animals must be able to withstand up to 11,000 psi.
It is incredible how certain organisms are able to survive in this depth, since this amount of pressure would crush a human immediately. Moreover, since the depth oh this biome is extremely deep, the temperature varies from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. In addition to that, the salinity of the water in the abyssal zone range between 34. 6 and 35. 0 parts per thousand. We do no realize it, but the abyssal zone covers 60% of the earth and 83% of the oceans. So with these abiotic factors and harsh conditions mentioned, we tend to ask the question, “How is it possible for organisms to inhabit this biome? ”

As mentioned before, it is almost impossible for organisms to inhabit this biome, but through particular process, it is possible. Generally speaking, fish that lives near the bottom of a sea is categorized as demersal fish. However, demersal fishes are then divided again into two types based on their habitat, coastal and deep-water. As you can see, the fish th at lives in the abyssal zone are categorized as deep-water demersal fish. Examples of these fishes are the: deep-water angler fish, giant grenadier, giant squid, viper fish, etc. There are two ways in which organisms can survive in this biome.
First of all, the predators could find their prey. In the abyssal zone, it is extremely dark. However, some fish posses a luminous object to act as bait. For instance, the deep-water angler fish owns a luminous object in its spine. Since the biome is extremely dark, the only luminous object will attract the other fish’s attention. The second way to survive this biome is through the process of chemosynthesis, rather than photosynthesis. Chemosynthesis is a process in which carbon molecules and nutrients are converted into organic materials using the oxidation of inorganic molecules.
Rather than using sunlight as the source of energy, chemosynthesis uses the oxidation of inorganic molecules as the source of energy. In the abyssal zone, there is a steady and much higher concentration of nutrient salts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and silica compared in the waters above. Britannica states that, “This is because abyssal and hadal waters are the reservoir for the salts from decomposed biological materials that settle downward from upper zones, and the lack of sunlight prevents their uptake by photosynthesis. (Abyssal Zone). Also, there is a special term given to the leftovers of animals, plants, and non-living matters that drift down to the lower zones of the ocean, it is called marine snow. In the abyssal zone, the primary producers are bacteria. These bacteria can also be referred as chemotrophs, or chemosynthetic autotrophs. Therefore, the process of chemosynthesis plays a vital role in the survival of those organisms in the abyssal zone. I have to admit that the abyssal zone is a remarkable and incredible biome in this earth.
Under those harsh and extreme circumstances, the abyssal zone is able to maintain its own organism richness. I find it very hard to believe, but it is what exists in this world. Based on research, the abyssal zone is relatively safe from the harmful effects in the upper part of the earth. The abyssal zone is located so deep and shallow under the ocean surface that it is not affected by the problems associated in the ocean surface. In the long run, certain organisms have managed to keep their survival in this very biome through particular processes.
The abyssal zone, which is almost inhospitable, turns out to be a habitat for certain organisms. I must say that this biome is phenomenal and implausible. Works Cited • Abyssal. Web. 1 Sept. 2009. . • Abyssal Zone. Wikipedia. Web. 1 Sept. 2009. . • Abyssal zone. Britannica. Web. 2 Sept. 2009. . • Autotroph. Web. 2 Sept. 2009. . • Chemosynthesis. Wikipedia. Web. 1 Sept. 2009. . • Chemosynthesis. Web. 2 Sept. 2009. . • Demersal fish. Wikipedia. Web. 2 Sept. 2009. . • Marine Snow. Web. 2 Sept. 2009. . • Pelagic fish. Wikipedia. Web. 2 Sept. 2009. . • What is Chemosynthesis? Web. 2 Sept. 2009. .

Pauline Breedlove Life

Character Analysis Paper Pauline Breedlove (Polly), one of the main characters of the story, who is also the mother of Pecola and Sammy Breedlove and spouse of Cholly Breedlove, can be seen as a violent figure towards her family and seems to have a negative out look on life. The reason behind all this behavior can be better understood if we were to take into account of her past, the time frame this story was in, and which then would bring us to how its affecting others around her. Pauline always seemed to have been troubled.
It all began with her foot that she injured as a little girl, she had gotten a nail in it which then left her with a limp. After she started limping her dream of becoming an actress seemed unrealistic because of her flaw. Things didn’t really get much better from that either. She later ended up in Lorain, Ohio with Cholly where she becomes lonely and isolated, she doesn’t fit in with the northern women and understand their mannerism. Later we find out one day while she was at the movies she lost her front tooth from biting down too hard on a piece of candy.
Which in the end lead her to believe she was ugly and her husband didn’t help much since he was under the influence of alcohol most of the time. The limp, the loss of her tooth, and the way she felt about her current living situation caused her to not care about herself and its showed in the way she started caring for her house and the her soon to be family. The story is set in the 1940s where blacks weren’t looked upon as that great. At the time Pauline had quit a bit of obstacles blocking her way of becoming an actress.

The limp, her missing tooth, her skin color, and looks. Her physical appearance wasn’t up to the ideal beauty which was blond hair, blue eye eyes, and light skinned. Since the story takes places back when racism was still relevant there was nothing for a person like Pauline to look up to, so what she lived with everyday and seeing herself made her to grow self hatred for herself. The self hatred she had made an impact on the people she dealt with in her life.
The anger she had deep within her self for not being good enough resulted in the mistreatment of her children and neglected her duties of being a good wife and mother. The viewing of herself as ugly lead to believing her family were ugly too. With the way she viewed life also made her treat her job a certain way, Pauline believed that if she couldn’t make herself beautiful treating her profession would replace that. By working for the Fishers, a white house hold, it caused her to live in a somewhat fantasy world.
As opposed to the love and care she showed towards the Fisher family her actual family never received that type of treatment, beatings, fights, and arguments were a constant thing in the Breedlove household. So in the end the reflections on a person’s past can shape them to be who they are. For Mrs. Breedlove it is easily seen that past events caused her to have negative effect on her and the others involved in her life, and with it being back when times were hard especially for African Americans it only made the situation worse, but it all shaped Pauline Breedlove into the person she is.

The Theory of the Canadian Politics

Power and control is what the Canadian government try”s to establish. Government engagement in business is becoming too strong as “in 1992, 6 of Canada”s 100 largest corporations were operated by, government or government agencies throughout Canada”, (Canadian Democracy pg. 88). The problem with government control in business is that it restricts sole proprietors from investing in certain aspects of business such as Ontario”s liquor industry.
In order to restrict government control of business three issues need to be taken into consideration; laws allowing privatization on crown corporations, more government attention establishing social issues that are out of reach to Canadian entrepreneurs for example education and health care. Furthermore incorporated laws need to be developed in order to minimize government control. As Canada moves into the 20th century economic policies are becoming too government controlled and as a result of this Canada is leaning towards a government run bureaucracy.
Minimal government control of Canada”s business will contribute significantly to a more prosperous Canadian economy. Which is why it is important for government control to be minimal and allow for privatization of crown corporations. In Ontario liquor sales are down 22% compared to a provinces such as Quebec who have a privatized liquor industry. Since Ontario currently has a greater population than Quebec, obviously liquor sales are higher due to privatization of the industry, which allows more business to be established which makes it more convenient for the consumer to buy because there are many more liquor stores.

However the liquor industry is only one of the primary companies that are government controlled. “Canadians who buy their gas at Petro Canada who watch CDC, TVO or Radio Quebec or who watch other provincial educational T. V networks, who travel Via rail or who pay electricity bills”(Canadian Democracy), are all contributing to government run alliances. To prove privatization has been successful the Quebec liquor industry, as well as the MBA programs at Universities such as Queens and McMaster are both that privatization is a success.
Since the government was unable to fund such programs to it”s potential, privatization was an obligation in order to have an efficient program (statistics shown on Queens and McMaster university web pages). Students in the MBA programs at these schools agree that privatization was effective as they now have more advanced resources to work with. Clearly facts have proven that a privatized business/program/industry, is more beneficial not only a Canadian economy but as well as society.
Another problem that Canadian”s face is that the government doesn”t focus enough of his attention on social issues concerning Canadians such as; education, health care, environment, welfare, foreign inspections on imports and Income tax. Many of Canada”s collage and university students are moving to the United States because the job opportunities are more abundant and income taxes are much lower. “Because the bulk of the education is paid for by the government (taxpayers) we are effectively subsidizing US industry by providing skilled labor.
Many conservative people argue that this is one reason why students should bear the entire cost of their education. This alternative would close the post-secondary door on many poor people in this country” (www. watleo. ca/~cdsmith/txs/education). An alternative is that the government should turn aside the money that they are currently paying colleges and universities into student loans. Once the student graduates and receives employment this loan could be paid back in the form of income taxes.
However if the student decides to work in the US their income tax will no longer compensate for the student loan, as they will have to pay off the loan personally. This method of educational funding would increase the number of students attending post secondary education because finance is a capital reason why some students do not attend collage or university. Another issue facing the Canadian education system is private schools vs. public schools. Canadian statistics prove that students attending private schools are more likely to attend university compared to people enrolled in the public system.
The government needs to offer better educational funding in order to provide additional teachers to cut class sizes, as well as more resources. These changes will decrease class size, which will offer more one on one student to teacher attention that will help students prepare for a higher education. Healthcare is another major social issue that the government needs to establish; it is important for Canada to reduce the cost of basic healthcare services.
Although Canada”s healthcare administration costs are low compared to the US, the US is associated with higher levels of medical research and development as well as increased amounts of advanced equipment i. e. “the city of Philadelphia has more MRI machines than all of Canada combined”(www. watleo. uwaterloo. ca/cdsmith. health. html. com). In Canada there are many people who abuse the healthcare system, in order to stop this, government should stop charging a basic fee for medical services and offer a tax refund for those who do not use the medical service provided.
This would increase the efficiency of the current universal medical system in Canada and wouldn”t cost the government any money, as the refund would be proportional to the savings, because not as many people would then use the medical system. In addition to social issues in need of government assistance, environmental funding is needed to research issues such as air pollution, water conditions, the ozone and animal habitat which is always an on going environmental issue.
On the topic of environment and health, the Toronto Star reported that inspection laws associated with NAFTA need to be stricter as poisonous strawberries imported form Mexico are currently being sold in the Canadian market. The National Post is reporting that 85% of Canadians are upset by the amount of money they pay in tax. StatsCan figures released on April 14th state that Canadians incomes are not keeping pace with economic growth. “We”re all working harder than ever and we”re not seeing our take home pay rise. It”s got to stop.
Governments must take action to cut taxes and increase real take home pay”(Ontario PC Party). The government also needs to flatten income taxes because each province in Canada pays a different income tax rate Quebec than BC being the highest. We could also lower our income taxes if we were to be like the US and impose income tax on inheritance and lottery winnings, which would allow government to reduce personal income tax. A further social government issue that needs to be worked on is welfare. Welfare laws need to be modified because people on welfare have no incentive to look for a job or enroll in training.
Welfare fraud is a big issues in some provinces of Canada (fraud and welfare abuse cost Ontario taxpayers an estimated $100 million last year), as well Canada needs to eliminate welfare payments to jail inmates as this is contributing to the millions of dollars wasted each year. It is made clear through the facts and evidence stated why the government needs to focus more upon social issues such as welfare, taxes, education, healthcare and foreign import laws. These government run programs are out of reach to entrepreneurs.
Thus Canada needs the government to concentrate and control theses issues, rather than infringing upon Canadian business and economy. Lastly Since research has proven no laws limiting legitimate government control over large companies these laws need to be established and enforced because the government already has to much control over the Canadian economy. Laws need to be created in order to monitor government control and creation of monopolies. Trough extensive research currently there were no laws found that entail government control of business.
Government already has a big impact on the pass of laws so this could be why there are no laws limiting their control of business i. e. Ontario liquor, CBC, Via rail, TVO, Petro Canada etc. However the part of business the government must stay in charge of are companies that produce money, the mint, nuclear power plants, army, police forces etc. These are all government run agencies that can not be privatized due to obvious reasons. If anyone could produce money than the Canadian dollar would have no value and the Canadian economy would crash, i. e. the Russian economy.
The issue concerning too much government control over business that can be run by entrepreneurs can be resolved by passing “fair” laws concerning government control over business. This law would limit the amount of control and what the government can control in the Canadian economy. In conclusion as facts have proven above Canadian economic policies are becoming too government controlled, which is resulting in a government run bureaucracy. As government monopolies are becoming to strong it begins to decrease entrepreneurial opportunities for Canadian citizens and is why all business should be privatized.
If the government were to allow privatization of some industries it would allow for more job opportunity, profit and a better Canadian economy. As well the government should concentrate more on social issues concerning Canadians such as healthcare, education, taxation etc, these issues could be emphasized on more by privatizing some crown corporations. Lastly law issuing limiting government control is allowed will result in a more prosperous economy. Therefore if all of these issues are handle more efficiently as outlined than Canada”s economy will be booming and it will create more opportunity in the job market for Canadian citizens.