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What I will accomplish in This Course

In this semester I would like to improve and develop my English writing and reading skills thru English 122. English 122 is not only just a requirement for transferring to four-year institution, but also a benefit for my whole life. My ultimate goal is going to medical school in order to become a doctor in the United States, I believe what I am learning in English 122 will make a significant contribution to my career Writing is not just simply communicating ideas or expressing thoughts on paper; writing skill is essential because a person’s intelligence and personality can be seen and judged thru the paper he or she writes. Most importantly, good writing skill is essential to job interview. It is not avoidable that all the occupations need….

Anticipitory Socialization

The shaping of my role as being the future leader for the Hawaii Papua Riders has been an anticipatory colonization experience during early onset of my life-p development. “Anticipatory colonization,” Is the process by which knowledge and skills are learned for future roles. The pungent smell of morning dew fills my lungs up with the essence of the earth, the cool breeze that gently touches my face, and the neighing of horses has been embedded in my fond memories as a young girl. Growing up on our ranch in Womanly, my grandparents were the one’s who instilled a passion of tending and riding horses. I would be at our family ranch before the sun came up and TLD leave until sunset during my summers as a child. My….

Extended Definition Essay: Professional Dog Breeder

Student Instructor ENG 101 9 November 2011 Professional Dog Breeder A definition for the title “professional dog breeder” is not found in any dictionary nor are there any established laws that regulate the breeding of dogs, only the housing and feeding of them. Dog breeder most commonly calls up all manner of horrific images mass-produced by broadcast news and talk show commentators to depict starving, filthy, dying dogs and puppies caged in tiny wire pens. People do not realize the negative mental outlook this misconception attaches to all breeders nor do they realize that these dog breeders are not only cruel but breaking the only basic laws that regulate the business. It is evident there is a cavernous gap between a good professional breeder and a backyard breeder….

Knowledge and Power

“Scientia Potentia Est”, a famous aphorism that is otherwise translated as “For also Knowledge itself is Power”, was conceptualized during the late 16th century by the world-renowned Philosopher and Statesman of that time, Sir Francis Bacon. Indeed, Sir Bacon developed an understanding of the idea that by accumulating knowledge, one is able to exert, impose or influence power (as can be inferred) towards another. For instance, a person who has accumulated knowledge can withhold himself or herself from sharing this knowledge to others. Thus, a sort of personal advantage develops between those who have knowledge and those who want knowledge. The former, if desired, can ultimately influence the actions of the latter if the existing desire for knowledge is used against them. Otherwise, the same result could also….

Week Term Paper

What Is the vision/Nilsson behind the Good Hotel concept? The vision/mission behind the Good Hotel concept is to maintain its identity as a “hotel with a conscience” – encompassing a positive attitude, environmental sensitive, and philanthropy. The intent of the vision is to inspire the “good in us all”. (Pearce, 2012 p. 10-1, 10-2) 2. What three alternatives Is Pan Cajuns considering for her recommendation to the new ownership of Good Hotel? Provide pros and cons of each. General Manager of Good Hotel, Pam Cajuns has made great strides in getting to know her staff, guests, ND neighborhood over the last six months. She has beat financial forecasts for the first quarter 201 0 and guest service is on the rise. (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-2) With these accomplishments,….

Need help with Discussion: Assessment at the Micro and Macro Levels

  Assessment is a structured approach to gathering and analyzing information about the client system and their story. How is the assessment process different when the client system is an individual or family versus a community made up of individuals and families? Assessment involves gathering the needed information in order to determine appropriate intervention. Thorough assessment allows social workers to identify the problems that need to be addressed. Complex social problems often mean that both the micro and macro level factors contribute to social work cases. In this Discussion, you compare differences in the assessment stage at different practice levels. Answer all 5 questions (No Plagiarism) and Post in APA Format given 3 cites from  Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, G. H., Jr. (2018). Understanding generalist practice (8th….

Internship Report(Hr Development)

“HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE” A study on Mithun Knitting And Dyeing Ltd, CEPZ, Chittagong [This internship report is submitted for the partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with major in HRM] Prepared by: Md. Nazrul Islam Khan Matric No: B063061 BBA (Major in HRM) Autumn-2010 Department of Business Administration Supervised by: Mr . Nazamul Hoque Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration Internship Duration: 30th march’11- 30th June ’11 Date of Submission: 9th June’ 2011 Signature of the Supervisor Department of Business Administration Faculty of Business Studies International Islamic University Chittagong Date: 9th June ’2011 To The Head Department of Business Administration International Islamic University Chittagong Sub: Submission of internship report Dear Sir, With due respect and humble submission to state that I’m a….

European Exploration and Trade

There was once a time in our history, before computerized maps and satellites and tracking programs. Sailors had to guide themselves by the stars and very basic and inaccurate maps. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in Europe there was advancement in technology and learning that led to widespread exploration and trade among countries. The introduction of the compass, advancements in cartography, the printing press, and other inventions led to increased trade and exploration throughout Europe. Before the fifteenth century, sailors often didn’t venture far from what they knew because maps were extremely inaccurate and weather was unpredictable. In the fourteenth century a style of maps, called portolon charts, were introduced. These were pictures of harbors, ports, cities, and coastlines inscribed on sheepskin. These maps were valuable to….

Integration of Evidenced Based Practice in Professional Nursing

Based Practice into Professional Nursing Practice Sandra Sparks Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 351: Transitions to Professional Nursing Fall 2010 Introduction During the 1980’s, the term “evidence-based” medicine surfaced to describe the approach that used scientific evidence to determine the best practice. Evidence-based practice is a process that entails reviewing and instilling the most reliable and updated research in patient care. The goal of evidence-based practice is to provide the highest quality care while being most cost efficient.It is a process based on the accumulation, interpretation, and integration of derived evidence. This best available is applied to improve the quality of patient care. Consumers of health care are becoming more informed and ready to challenge authorities in health care, consequently, expectations of health care provisions continue to rise,….

The Global Cement Industry and Cemex’s Penetration Strategy Into International Markets

The Global Cement Industry and Cemex’s Penetration Strategy into International Markets My report argues that demand and capacity creation in developing economies is a major driver in the global cement industry, which given the nature of the product (high transportation costs arising from its bulk) is prone to major company expansion by mergers and acquisitions. Cemex’s expansion strategy focuses on merger and acquisition (M&A), mainly exploiting its expertise of operating in difficult institutional environments and taking advantage of opportunities arising from difficulties in developing market economies. The company successfully adapts best practices and technologies from its acquisitions throughout the wider company. My report begins with definitions, presents an overview of the global cement industry (section two) key players in the industry (section three) and M&A trends (section four). I….